A Complete Guide On How To Make Fried Onions

A Complete Guide On How To Make Fried Onions

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the A Complete Guide On How To Make Fried Onions. Fried onions are one of the most important ingredients used in Indian cooking. It is used to make all sorts of Indian food like curries, biryani, pulao, and more.

A Complete Guide On How To Make Fried Onions

Just like garlic paste, fried onions makes your taste buds happy. So, getting these fried onions right is very important. This is why we have made this article in which we will tell you how to choose the onions and pack the final result for the best results. So friends here is the Complete Guide On How To Make Fried Onions.

Where Are Fried Onions Used?

Friend onions is one of the most important ingredients used by people all over India. They are used to make gravies like chicken curries, used in biryanis, and dals. They are also used for garnishing, which gives a unique texture and crunchy flavor to the food.

If you want to make the perfect the friend onions, follow this guide:

Choosing The Right Onions

There are 6 kinds of onions:

  1. Red onion
  2. white onions,
  3. Scallions / Green onions
  4. sweet onions,
  5. yellow onions,
  6. shallots

Choosing the right onion for frying is really important. If you want your onions to be crispy and golden brown, choose an onion that has thin layers. For this either choose white onion or red onions. They have the thinnest layer. Similarly, if you want your onions to be mildly crisp go with green onions.

Cutting The Onions

When the onions are peeled, cut them in halves and remove their roots. Now, cut them into long and thin slices. This is one of the most tedious tasks and you have to do it with hands. If you want to choose the easy, use the slicer in your food processor, the only problem of using a slicer is that it might either cut the slices too thin or they are not even. So, slicing with a knife is the best option if you want to get the best results.

Selecting The Pot

Imagine frying French fries in a small space, they will get clumpy and soggy. This same rule applies to friend onions as well. So, make sure you choose a big enough pot that has a thick base. Give your sliced onions room then need to become crispy.

Selecting The Oil

When selecting an oil, you want to make sure that the oil has a high smoke point and neutral flavor. Since the temperature can reach up to 190 degrees C, you want to use an oil that will remain stable at high temperatures for long period. The best oil you can use is the sunflower oil or canola oil, they remain stable at high temperatures.

An important tip always uses fresh oil if you want nice, crisp, and perfectly brown fried onions. If you reuse the oil, it will double the time to become brown and the onions will soak a lot of oil.

How Much Oil To Use?

If you are making a small batch of fried onions, you only need a little oil to get good color. But, if you are making a large batch, you will enough oil to deep fry the onions. People usually get scared when we talk about using a large quantity of oil to fry a large batch of onions. If you fry your onions right, the onion will not absorb the oil.

Reaching The Right Color

Turn the flame at high when you put your onion and oil on the gas. You will begin to notice that the color onions start to change.

10 minutes: The oil will become hot and onions will release water.

15 min mark: The onions will begin to shrink as the water starts to dehydrate.

20 min mark: The color of the onions will begin to turn to light gold and crisp.

Letting The Onions Cool Down.

After frying the onions, keep a large tray with paper towel ready. Remove the onions from the oil directly on the top of the paper towels. Spread them evenly so that the onions can cool down. If you want your onions to crisp up properly, you need to give them enough space to cool down.

Yes, making perfect fried onions is not an easy task, it requires a lot of work and focus. If you miss any of the steps, the onions won’t fry perfectly.

If you think you cannot do all these tasks, don’t worry, you can always buy Ready Made Fried Onions Online.

What To Do With The Leftover Oil?

Many of you must be wondering, what to do with the leftover oil. Let the oil cool down, once it is cool, transfer it in the bottle. The oil has a nice sweet flavor of onions and can be used to make something savory. So friends we hope that our Complete Guide On How To Make Fried Onions will help to make perfect Fried Onions.


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