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Attendance Biometric Buying Guide: What To Look For

Attendance Biometric Buying Guide: Are you worried about whether your workforce is working or not? If yes, don’t be!
These days you can easily track the time and attendance of your employees. The credit for this goes to biometric attendance machines.

A biometric attendance machine plays a crucial role in employee management, payroll generation processes, and the formulation of monthly attendance reports. It hugely supports HR professionals in generating comprehensive employee attendance reports based on how dedicatedly they honour attendance policies.

biometric attendance machines, Attendance Biometric Buying Guide

As a responsible HR, you should choose a biometric attendance machine based upon the company’s distinctive requirements and policies. Without a reliable biometric attendance machine, organizations can face both compliance issues and payroll errors.

Are you planning to switch to a biometric system for tracking the attendance of your employees? If yes, we bring you a list of features that will help you discover the best biometric attendance machine for your organization:

Attendance Biometric Buying Guide: What To Look For

1. Face Recognition

Facial recognition is an essential feature of a biometric attendance machine that uses artificial intelligence to capture and recognize the face of an employee. A biometric attendance machine that uses such advanced capabilities helps minimize the chance of wrong and fraudulent clock-ins and clock-outs.

2. Secure Cloud Storage

Choose a biometric attendance machine that uses time-attendance management programs based on cloud-computing technology. Such advanced biometric systems support the storing of employee’s attendance records over a cloud server. The cloud server allows an admin or HR person to update or download employee attendance data from the cloud database at any time, and also enables remote data management for ease of operations.

3. Leave Management

Leave management is one of the most critical features of a biometric attendance machine. A missed day at work should not be reported as ‘absent’ automatically. Instead, employees should be notified to apply for a leave or make a particular request regarding their absence from work.
Advanced attendance machines have a user-friendly interface so that the employee can check their attendance records and can initiate a request for help in case of any confusion or error.

4. Easy Reporting

In every organizational set-up, it is the responsibility of the HR to establish and manage employee attendance records. Critical report generation, such as the total number of hours, overtime, missing days, etc., should be available in an exportable format. No need to mention it here as there is a separate point that discusses this.

5. Deployment Across Multiple Sites

Biometric attendance machines like KENT CamAttendance can be deployed across different locations a company operates in. Attendance can be recorded from multiple places and all the data can be easily accumulated and synced with the cloud. It simplifies the payroll task, helps save time, and improves the overall productivity of employees.

For an organization whose primary focus is growth and development, a biometric attendance machine is a necessity. These should be in continuation with the previous points. There is no need to mention them separately.

6. Seamless Integration With Existing HRMS

In an organizational set-up, human resource management software helps in handling internal HR functions. HRMS is used for storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment, time, and attendance, which makes it an indispensable tool for organizations.

7. Mobile And Cloud Support

A biometric attendance machine stores data on the cloud, which can be easily accessed from any device. With a mobile app, you allow your employees to mark their attendance when they are in a certain radius and manage their leaves.

• Easy Installation
• Another important thing to keep in mind is how easy it is to install the biometric machine. KENT CamAttendance scores well in this parameter as well. Can be Customized as per the Size of Your Organization.

Since a biometric attendance machine is managed by a secure cloud application that stores employee records and employee photos, HR can view all the data from the cloud and track employees’ attendance records. You can create shifts and rosters according to your existing attendance policies. KENT CamAttendance allows you this flexibility. Why are we talking about compatibility with operating systems?

Invest In The Best Biometric Attendance Machine

With plenty of biometric attendance machines available in the market, it can be confusing to choose the best one. You can go for a trustworthy brand like KENT. It’s advanced offering, KENT CamAttendance comes with features, such as mask detection, computer vision based on Artificial Intelligence to mark attendance, and real person detection amongst others.

If you are still concerned, then you should know that this attendance management biometric machine offers 99.9% accuracy when it comes to recording attendance. So, do your ground research and choose the biometric attendance machine according to the distinctive needs of your organization.

Note: The quality is average at best. And this is the case with most of the articles. Please make sure proper research is done. It seems we are taking information from KENT Cam website and just rephrasing it. We would like to see an improvement from next month onwards.

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