What Devices Can People Use To Watch Connected Tv?

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about What Devices People Use To Watch Connected Tv? Connected TV (CTV) made a splash after spilling into the mainstream. The ripple effect of the technology’s arrival has the potential to prove indelible. CTV is video content streamed directly into homes and other buildings via the internet. Chances are you’ve consumed CTV content, though, you might not have recognized it as such as the abbreviation of CTV hasn’t yet saturated the public discourse. As detailed below, a litany of electronic devices is used to access CTV content.

What Devices People Use To Watch Connected Tv?

What Devices Can People Use To Watch Connected Tv?

Popular Connected TV Devices

Sort through the list of CTV platforms and you’ll find it is surprisingly expansive. The number of devices available to stream online video content continues to expand by the year. Some of the top CTV devices used by the masses include video game consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox console, the uber-popular PlayStation 5 and even the Nintendo Switch console, often stereotyped as a gaming system for kids and tweens. Video game consoles contain CTV media platforms and unique app stores that will likely become even more popular in the years ahead as the game-obsessed Generation Z age cohort transitions through young adulthood.

Blu-ray players also provide the opportunity to connect to the web to access CTV content, often through individualized app stores. Such devices are considered “plug n play” as they connect directly to TVs that are hooked up to the internet, setting the stage for video streaming services along with apps to display digital video content.

OTT Streaming Video is the Wave of the Future

Aside from video game consoles, additional devices used to stream CTV content include Roku, Amazon Fire, Google’s Chromecast, and Apple TV. Apple TV is one of the best examples of OTT devices, short for over-the-top. OTT devices are also referred to as set-top boxes. Though OTT devices lack a physical screen, they can be hooked up to conventional TVs for intelligent functionality.

The pairing of OTT devices with a TV creates the opportunity to stream internet video content and also conveniently access apps that allow for prompt CTV content streaming. This pairing is mutually beneficial for content consumers as well as advertisers. OTT advertising presents businesses with the ability to connect with potential customers through myriad devices in a ubiquitous manner, meaning at all times.

From Sling TV to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max and beyond, OTT services make it easy to display impactful ads that are custom-tailored toward the interests or needs of a specific viewing audience and ultimately sustain that interest through engagement that translates to potential brand loyalty.

Instead of attempting to cast as wide a net as possible through conventional advertising on network or cable TV that reaches the masses, OTT advertising centers on the target demographics most likely to be interested in the advertiser’s product or service. This unique approach to advertising makes use of analytics and in-depth data to target specific audiences. The majority of such ads cannot be skipped, meaning the viewing audience will be forced to at least listen to the message and consider the merits of the value proposition.

CTV is Big Business

TV device specialists including the likes of Roku and Amazon are now expanding their user bases through the distribution of CTV streaming services, selling advertising spaces directly through consumers’ TV screens. TV makers such as Vizio, LG and Samsung have observed this emerging trend and responded accordingly.

Smart TV popularity is ramping up all the more with each passing year, creating even more opportunities for CTV advertisers. The appeal of smart TVs for CTV streaming is the built-in digital component that empowers a connection to the web for online surfing and easy access to streaming content by way of pre-installed aps. The smart TV trend is likely to continue to grow in popularity in the years ahead.

Take a look at the connected TV advertising statistics and you’ll find the top CTV advertisers include some recognizable names. Examples of those companies include:

  • CBS
  • ABC News
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Hulu
  • FOX
  • The Trade Desk

Advertising through Android TV is one of the best examples of CTV advertising in which businesses run advertising campaigns on user devices’ home screens, presenting marketing messages to CTV consumers prior to the point at which they watch video content. Such advertising is referred to as pre-roll advertising. Mid-roll advertising during video content streams and post-roll advertising slots that air after streams also serve as valuable conduits between businesses and CTV video content consumers.


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