Five Mobile Games To Keep You Entertained Right Now 

Five Mobile Games To Keep You Entertained Right Now is our today’s topic. While exploring the delights of an exotic city or windswept beach understandably appeals, there are times when you just need to find a corner and settle down for a few hours with a good book or an entertaining game. In fact, given our reliance on smartphone devices in modern times, people are discovering the benefits of mobile gaming on a daily basis. 

While dedicated console gamers will never fully understand mobile gaming, it’s a great option for many people, particularly casual gamers. The fact that a smartphone device we carry around in our pockets can host an array of games is quite remarkable.

People aren’t short on options given the sophistication of a smartphone in 2022 either, with some mobile gamers enjoying innovative augmented reality games like Pokemon Go and others dipping into the action like roulette and slots at an online casino.

The options are extensive, though, with mobile gamers able to session a wide variety of releases on a handheld device. From sports-themed titles to action-packed masterpieces, there are thousands of games out there. We’re even seeing console games on mobile, too. 

Whether you’re embarking on a holiday and need some games to pass the time or you’re simply after some mobile games to add to your smartphone as you aim to discover the benefits of smartphone gaming, below is a look at five of the most popular options in South Africa right now. 

Five Mobile Games To Keep You Entertained In 2022

Five Mobile Games To Keep You Entertained Right Now 

PUBG Mobile

As we’ve touched on already, PC and console games are now making the jump over to mobile thanks to the power and sophistication of modern-day smartphones. As such, game developers have been able to up the ante and release a range of games on mobile alongside games on PC and console machines.

A perfect example of this is PUBG Mobile, a release that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. For casual gamers, this particular release is a challenge, although it’s worth mastering this battle royale product.


Gardenscapes is entertaining a large number of mobile gamers in South Africa. The game, which tasks players with restoring and decorating a garden while also solving match-3 puzzles along the way, blends garden design with puzzle solving in what is a unique overall product. If you enjoy gardening and puzzles, then this particular release is most definitely for you. 



Yet another popular game that is now thriving on a portable handheld mobile device, Minecraft is a game with plenty to offer. From exploring infinite worlds and building anything you like to entering into survival mode as you aim to fight off evil mobs, this survival masterpiece is easily one of the best games to download on a mobile phone right now. You can even enjoy the game in multiplayer mode, too, with up to 10 players capable of playing at any time

Coin Master

A go-to game for many smartphone gamers at the moment, Coin Master tasks players with building a Viking village, while also having the opportunity of traveling through time and battling against a wave of different horrors in magical lands. Full of spins, raids, and a range of different attacks to make the most of, Coin Master is a fun game to play. 

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has been around for a while but it’s still going strong in 2022. A colorful and eye-catching release, it’s a really fun game to tuck into for a few hours at a time. There are trains to dodge, you can surf on a hoverboard, perfect your acrobatics, escape being captured, and a whole lot more. Subway Surfers is a blast to play. 


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