How To Make A Video Collage From Your Photos

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about How To Make A Video Collage From Your Photos? Photos are one-dimensional. Bring them to life and make them more adorable and eye-catching. Convert your photos into a video collage and watch how they draw more attention and admiration than ever before.

You can use a good video collage maker to transform your photos into an attractive video collage. It is a simple way of combining all your memories into an impressive collection.

You can use this format to commemorate all the critical milestones of your life and your loved ones. It can be posted and shared conveniently on your social media channels to provide your followers with engaging content in place of the relatively staid and insipid photo. A video collage offers the perfect solution to present a range of your selected photos in style and grab attention.

How To Make A Video Collage From Your Photos

How To Make A Video Collage From Your Photos

What Is a Video Collage?

Technically speaking, a video collage is a collection of various video clips and photographs separated by a smart split-screen effect. It helps create a visible division of the screen s it separates each clip or photo. The result is enhanced by adding a pertinent piece of music while canceling the audio from all the videos.

You can bring in various effects by innovating and customizing the video collages. This is customized by changing the borders between clips, altering the layout and number of clips, and animating the split-screen in and out.

How To Make a Video Collage:

The first step is to find a simple and user-friendly video collage maker. There are many choices available, and they all have their own pros and cons. Do some online research on the subject and decide which one best fits your needs. Nearly all of them require you to register and create an account. Once you have done that, the process of making your video collage can begin in earnest.

Commence Your Project

You can begin your project from scratch or start by using a template. When you choose the best video collage maker online, you can access multiple templates and zero in on the one that offers the features and the effects you have in mind.

Choose The Photos and Videos You Want In The Collage

The first step is to select the photos and videos you want to feature in the video collage and import them.

Follow these steps to complete the import process:

  • Open the video collage maker you have selected.
  • Navigate to the folder where you have placed your photos and videos.
  • By pressing down the CTRL key, click on the files to select them.
  • Drag and drop the selected files onto the slot provided in your video maker.
  • Arrange the videos and photos in the sequence you desire.

Select The Appropriate Template For The Video Collage 

The next step is to choose the right template for the video collage. Every video collage maker online offers a number of templates to meet the varying needs of users. Each template is generally marked with a number that indicates the number of videos and photos the template is designed to accommodate. For instance, a template with the number 3 can hold three photo units. Click on the chosen template to get a preview, along with a sample video of how the video collage will play out and can be displayed to viewers.

Create Your Video Collage

After choosing the template, apply it to the photos and videos by holding down the mouse button and dragging the template onto the desired file in your video collage. If there are any sample images in the video collage maker, the same will be replaced with your photos and videos in the template. You can preview the video collage you have created by pressing the play button.

If you are not happy with the results, choose another template with features that appeal to you.

Edit the Video Collage

Do you desire to adjust the appearance of your photos in the collage? You can do it easily by clicking on the picture you want to edit. Nearly every video collage maker comes with a scale slider and a picture rotation feature. You can edit the image, reduce, enlarge or discard by moving the mouse over the relevant icons.

You can do many other things with your video collage, depending on the collage maker you have selected. When you have full mode access to the collage maker, you can do the following:

Import footage from outside resources:

You can import media files such as one or more videos or a media folder by clicking on the relevant icon. Choose the files or folders of your choice to import to your collage.

More Customization

You can adjust the position of each image and video within the frame by using the zoom bar option to drag it to the place you want to place it.


You can adjust the length of the videos by using the trim option. Use the markers to mark the beginning and the end of the video.

Border Settings

The border size and the color can be customized by using the options provided in the panel.

Animation Settings

The video collage maker will also provide you with the option to move the frames. You can choose to begin the video during the animation or after the frames have stabilized. You can even decide what to do with the frames before and after playing the video.

Advanced Settings Adjustment

By clicking on the advanced setting feature, you can adjust the playback timing and ensure the videos play all at once. You can make the adjustments to play it one after another or in a staggered manner. The duration of the whole video collage can be set to any one of the videos.

By using the best video collage-making tool, you can turn your stunning snaps into an even more spectacular collage. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you won’t have to spend a single penny on hiring a professional video editor. You can do it yourself, quickly and conveniently too.


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