Amazing Things to Know About Outsource Web Development

Amazing Things To Know About Outsource Web Development

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about Amazing Things to Know About Outsource Web Development. Let’s admit it: most of the time, professional and full-time web developers aren’t paid enough. Surely, working for big companies can boost your credentials, teach you various skills, and expand your experience, but are those enough to compensate what your pockets are losing?

We don’t think so.

Web development is an art, and though you might be very passionate about it, an artist always needs enough resources to continue with his craft. Especially in the field of web development which is a necessity in all digital platforms!

Amazing Things to Know About Outsource Web Development

This is why instead of being a professional and full-time web developer for a company, you should really consider taking the risk of outsource web development. It’s not that we’re trying to imply that you go ditch your jobs, it’s just that we know that the grass is greener on the other side…

And by greener, we mean something around $150-$250 per hour! That’s a whopping $30,000 a month!

Are There Risks In Doing Outsource Web Development?

When talking about being a freelancer developer, the first thing that comes to mind is its instability compared to full-time employment. Full-time employment gives you a fixed rate on a regular basis, we get that. And if your company is generous enough there will also be benefits as well, that’s one factor all employees are looking for.

On the other hand, you might say that doing freelance outsource is really unstable. You might think that its hard to get a short-term employer that will give a decent salary. Not to mention the risk of being technically contract-less, which means they can slip away and you’d have nothing to do about that!

Sure enough, you can’t risk weeks or even months of going unpaid. We fully understand that. However, that’s not entirely true in being an outsourced developer.

We should consider the demand for people who do outsource developers. According to an article from Solution Surface, web development remains to be a good career this 2020. There is still a continuous demand for websites since the internet world is still expanding, and it’s really far from stopping. In short, you really don’t have to fear losing a job because, in each corner of the internet, there is a person or a company that wants to develop their own website! And though they may be a good project manager, sales supervisor, or customer service representative, all of their jobs will be null and void without an outsource developer!

Why Move To Outsource Web Development?

We’ve already mentioned the $150-$250 per hour rate of an outsource web developer but we’re not done yet!

You see, that rate is for one customer alone. And if you won’t slack around, you can actually get 2-3 more customers at the same rate. Which means you can double or triple your income every day! This is actually one of the best things about being an outsource developer, you’re not really tied up with your employers. You can jump from one customer to another without breaking any contracts since you don’t have any!

You might think, isn’t that tiring? Not really!

The thing about being a freelancer is that you will mostly have flexible working hours. If one customer offers a high rate, say $180 per hour, you can give him 6 hours of your day. On the other hand, the ones that are less lucrative but are still too attractive to let go, perhaps around $100, could get 3-4 hours of your day.

This is also the reason why this career is also booming in other parts of the world. There’s been an upward trend in the field of web design outsource India since they can work within their own timezones. They could not definitely do that when they’re in full-time employment since it’s expected that they will adhere to the working hours of their boss. Where’s the fun in that?

On the other hand, when they do outsource web design to India, their timezones would be considered by their employers. Not to mention that it’s very exciting to work with people from different cultural backgrounds since it could also improve your people skills.

Aside from the lucrative salary and the flexible working time, which we believe are already interesting enough to try a career in outsourcing, you can also learn more skills and further expand your experience!

Given the fact that you can jump from one project to another, you don’t really have a choice except to hone your skills on the project you’re working on. Some might require you to do front-end development such as CSS, JS, and HTML, while some will require you to do back-end tasks such as Python or PHP. You’ll develop an eCommerce store, an online forum, a personal blog, or even a new social media website!

Won’t it be very beautiful on your resume when you can confidently write that you’ve already worked on a wide array of websites? Surely, it will be! The sky is really the limit when it comes to doing outsourcing in web development.

Pro Tips.

Already thinking about becoming an outsource web developer? We surely hope you do! However, there are some tips and reminders you would have to know before pursuing the career.

First of all, know your worth. This is one of the most common problems of freelancers, from SEO writers to video editors, and more. Don’t settle for a low salary just because you think that you won’t get a better opportunity than this.

The demand for freelancers and outsource workers are higher than what you think. According to Freelancing Hacks, 43% of the 2020 US workforce are actually freelancers, and they collectively contribute the gigantic amount of $1.4 trillion to the country’s economy every year. Being a freelancer doesn’t mean you’re less of a professional. In fact, we can even take it the other way around since you can say that the only true boss you serve is yourself!

Secondly, when negotiating about the price, don’t start with your ideal price. Start with a notch higher. Some say that this is a bit risky since it could drive away possible clients, but not really! When they’re really interested in your work, chances are they will negotiate the price with you. And we know the drill, it will seem like you’ve settled on middle ground but really, you’re just on the exact same price that you’re originally thinking about!

The next tip, and perhaps the most important, build an excellent portfolio. Make sure that your possible customers would experience the web designs that you’ve developed and not just plain photos attached to your resume. The best thing to do is to create an online portfolio that will link to all your previous projects. Through this, you can pretty much send the links around- a really hassle-free application.

Of course, it just goes without saying that your personal website should be the best website that you could do by the online website builder software. After all, it’s the one that will represent you!

Fourth, build a good reputation. As a web developer freelance, you might be your own boss but that doesn’t mean that you can go around disrespecting your clients, or worse, leave them hanging. Finish the task they’ve given you and always give them your best shot. If they’ve made you sign a non-disclosure agreement or other contracts, make sure to adhere to them.

Whether we like it or not, it’s really easy to spread a word about one’s professionalism nowadays, especially since you’ll be dealing with people who surely have access to the internet. Either you’ll be referred to more clients or you’ll be shamed in the freelancing world, it’s up to you!

Aside from this, dropping out of a project could grow in you. An outsource web developer who once dropped a project will more likely do it again in one way or another. Simply because there really is no risk that comes with it aside from not being paid. There’s only a small risk of a legal problem, and surely they can’t just go scolding you around.

Sixth on the list for being an outsource developer is that you should stick with your job description. If they hired you as a backend developer, do the back-end tasks only. Chances are they will continuously assign tasks to you beyond your employment, and an unpaid task is just like whisking away potential income! Reserve your efforts for clients who are willing to pay.

Last but not the least, and the hardest one to do, do not slack around! Going to freelance web development really needs patience and hard work, especially if you’re just starting. It will require you to sign up on multiple freelancing websites, go through loads of interviews, and deal with numerous clients, but sooner or later you’ll be on top of your game and clients will be coming to you effortlessly.

Aside from that, make the most out of your flexible time. Consider different clients. Do multiple projects. This is how to outsource web development matches and surpasses the regular fixed-rate a professional career can give.

Whether you’re a highly-experienced web developer who just wants to try flying solo or a newbie who still wants to learn and earn more, you should consider being an outsource web developer. The potential of getting high income, flexible time, and new skills every project, what more could we ask for?


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