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A Traveller’s Guide: A Quick Guide About Maps.Me 

A Traveller’s Guide: A Quick Guide About Maps.Me 

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about A Traveller’s Guide: A Quick Guide About Maps.Me . For the people who love to go on vacation, you know how important maps are, right? Unless you’re fine with the idea of asking directions from the locals from time to time, then maps aren’t that important. Maps are always an essential thing to bring during your trip, but is it always beneficial to bring an actual map? Luckily for us, app developers have developed map apps to help us find our way through an unknown land.

Traveller's Guide Maps.Me 

Although some of these map apps can’t be really reliable and useful whenever we are not connected to the internet connection, that is why we have offline maps. Even though they are called offline maps, they are still able to accurately give you an accurate location. It’s a practical way of knowing the directions, especially when you’re somewhere that doesn’t have any reliable internet connection.

One great example of offline map apps is Maps.Me, and in this article, we will be giving you a quick guide about the app and how it would be able to accurately point you in the right direction to your desired location. So friends here is the Traveller’s Guide: A Quick Guide About Maps.Me .

Introduction to Maps.Me

Maps.Me is an offline app that was formerly known as MapsWithMe. It is a free mobile app that can be downloaded on your iOS, Android, Blackberry devices that give you access to offline maps using their data on OpenStreetMap. Even though it’s offline, it would still be able to give you directions and help you in navigating. 

Additionally, maps me also aids you in giving you the exact distance from your current location to your desired location. This app is very convenient for people who love doing outdoor activities that don’t have any reliable internet connection such as hiking, biking, camping, or even fishing.

Convenience of Maps.Me

Access to Offline Maps

Since you already know Maps.Me is an offline map app, and you would be wondering by now how it would be able to tell your location without an internet connection, right? You can just download the map, and with the help of the GPS on your smartphone, it would be able to accurately tell where you are on the map. All the downloaded maps can be stored on your phone’s memory or an SD card.

This map app is very handy whenever you’re traveling abroad, and you don’t know where the nearest restaurant, ATM, or hotel is. The app can help you with that problem. But always remember to download the correct map of the place where you’re planning to go.

Search While Offline

Another good thing about this map app is that you are able to search for the name of the place, coordinates, and categories with the help of the data on OpenStreetMap. It is very convenient whenever you’re not familiar with the place, and you don’t know which direction you should take to go home

Route Planning

Included in the app while navigating are speed cameras. Knowing where speed cameras are installed would surely help you in saving a lot of time and help you avoid some traffic violations. It also has accurate information while trailing, and has the most numbers of trails than the other map apps.


Navigation apps are very important nowadays as they help you in giving you the fastest route to your desired location, thus saving you a lot of time from being stuck in traffic or getting lost. As for Maps.Me, the app gives you reliable information and wouldn’t give you misleading information on your whereabouts.

So, why not try this offline map app, and see for yourself whether it can be reliable? So friends hope you will enjoy our article A Traveller’s Guide: A Quick Guide About Maps.Me and we hope that our article will help you. please give us your feedback in the comment.

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