Companies Offering The Best RV Insurance Rates

Companies Offering The Best RV Insurance Rates

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Companies Offering The Best RV Insurance Rates. For anyone that owns or is thinking about owning a recreational vehicle (RV), you are legally required in most states to get it insured before taking it out on the road. It also means that the vehicle is protected should it be damaged as a result of either a storm or a road traffic accident.

Companies Offering The Best RV Insurance Rates

Although, should you ever experience a large storm whilst in your RV, you should in fact vacate it and take shelter in a place that is safe. You can ride out the storm safe in the knowledge that your RV is well protected should it get damaged.

Depending on what type of coverage you are after, there are companies out there providing it. These include the likes of Progressive, National General, RV insurance, and Good Sam. Click for rates of each of them. We will now take a look at each of these in detail below.

Here are the Companies Offering The Best RV Insurance Rates.


As well as providing good rates for their various policies, Progressive also provides a good level of customer support. As well as RVs, their policies also cover other road vehicles, as well as properties also. If you choose to run all of your different insurance policies through the company then you will be rewarded with a multi-policy discount.

National General

A well-established and much-trusted insurance company, National General is in fact the insurers that the other companies in this list actually use themselves. The reason why they use them is because of the A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating that they have. The company provides 24 / 7 customer support and has some excellent policies for those individuals who live in their RV full time. Their policies are available in all 50 states.

RV insurance

If you are looking for camper and motor home insurance but are on a tight budget, then provides some of the best rates out there. Their policies cover both RV and other vehicles so that you get the best rate possible. They are also available in all 50 states.

Good Sam

A well known RV insurance provider, Good Sam provides different levels of coverage that are tailored towards policies for both motor home and RV owners. They provide their customers with 24 / 7 customer support and have some of the best policy options around. These include the likes of special policies for people who live in their RV full time, policies for both automobiles and RVs, policies for RV storage, and policies for RV attachments, such as antennas and awnings. They also provide separate car insurance also. All of their policies are available in all 50 states.

RV insurance works to protect your vehicle against loss or damage as a result of a road traffic accident, storm, or other natural disasters. RV insurance covers vehicles, such as small camper vans, toter homes, pop up campers, fifth-wheel trailers, teardrop trailers, truck campers, and travel trailers. With the insurance policy functioning as an auto one, you are still required to choose its limits and any deductibles. A specialist RV policy will generally be a hybrid between homeowners and auto insurance, so that not only does it cover vehicle parts, such as the wheels and the engine, but also belongings inside of your home.

For anyone that is simply renting an RV rather than living in it then you should let the rental company sort out the insurance on your behalf rather than you trying to do it yourself.


The requirements relating to which types of RV vehicles require insurance is pretty straight forward. If it is a travel trailer, such as a teardrop trailer, that requires towing then insurance cover is optional depending on what state you live in. However, just because you are not legally required to have it does not mean that you should not get it. We think that it is most definitely worth insuring this type of RV. For an RV that your drive, such as a toter home or a motorhome, then you are legally required to take out the minimum level of insurance that your state requires before you are allowed to take it out on the road.

RVs cost

Typically, insurance policies for RVs cost in the region of $125 to $300 depending on which company you go with. However, the premiums charged can vary greatly given how RVs themselves vary so widely. For example, the costs go up if the insurance is for a larger fifth wheel or Class A vehicle. A Class B vehicle or a pop-up trailer will not be as expensive as they are smaller and cheaper. In general, travel trailers cost less to insure than motorhomes do.

Overall, insuring an RV is much cheaper than insuring a vehicle such as a car, as they are not driven as often and so are less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident. That is only true, however, if the insurance is for a part-time RV as opposed to a full-time policy, as then home contents are covered also, thus taking the cost up.

As previously touched upon, there are three classes of RV – Class A (21 – 40 ft), Class B (16 – 21 ft), and Class C (20 – 33 ft). Depending on which one of these classes of vehicle that you have, the more or less than the insurance policy will cost you. In addition to this, there is also a class of travel trailers and campers. These are generally cheaper than Class A, B, and C RVs. These are all things that you need to take into consideration when deciding which of the above insurance companies to use to protect your vehicle/trailer.

Final Words.

So, friends, we hope that you enjoy our article and this article will also help you to know the Companies Offering The Best RV Insurance Rates. Please give us your feedback in the comments.


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