Gastric Balloon As An Alternative To Surgery For Weight Loss

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Gastric Balloon As An Alternative To Surgery For Weight Loss. A gastric balloon, also known as a stomach balloon, serves as a surgical alternative for people who are overweight. Many patients who undergo the medical placement can lose up to twenty percent of body weight, that is almost fifty pounds after six months. 

Gastric Balloon As An Alternative To Surgery For Weight Loss

However, just like other procedures for shedding bodyweight, commitment to healthy living is required to attain the best result while on a gastric balloon placement. 

Gastric Balloon As An Alternative To Surgery For Weight Loss

Who Can Use a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon may be used on patients with over 40 BMI (Body Mass Index). It is also useful whenever you decide to make healthy living serious or if you want to participate in any behavioral therapy. Patients who haven’t undergone any stomach or esophageal surgery before.

These inflatables aren’t just meant for people who are obese, proper screening must be done by your doctor before it can be administered. Consult with your physician or doctor before you go for this technique. Also, health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of the placement and removal of a gastric balloon.

How a Gastric Balloon is Used

Before you undergo the placement of the gastric balloon in your stomach, it’s important to understand what it entails. 

This weight-loss technique is done in the endoscopy session as an outpatient system. For the method to work, a patient will be sedated.

A thin tube is inserted by the specialist, stacked with the gastric balloon, through the patient’s throat into the stomach. The next step is for the specialist to propel an endoscope (usually an adaptable cylinder with a connected camera) down the patient’s throat into the stomach. This little camera permits the specialist to closely observe the gastric balloon it’s filled with saline. 

The whole procedure takes about thirty minutes. Patients can return home a few hours after the procedure has been completed.

Results After Gastric Balloon Placement

After patients leave the placement unit, when the gastric balloon procedure is successful, they may sip liquid after six hours. Patients are also given instructions on how to further proceed with their daily intakes. Gastric balloons are known to make patients feel full faster. 

The balloon(s) is left in the stomach for about six months. After this period, it is removed via the endoscope again. After the removal of the stomach balloon(s), there are drastic results on weight loss. 

According to records, most patients were able to shed up to 15% of their body weight after the end of gastric balloon treatment. Depending on the medical expert, the gastric balloon may stay for longer.

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