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Top 7 Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes - Best Advice

Top 7 Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

Top 7 Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

Top 7 Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes is today’s topic. Our eyes are one of our best facial features and it is natural to want to draw attention to your eyes. Some people have really captivating eyes, with a brilliant eye color that our attention is naturally drawn towards them.

And Some people have small eyes, so they want to enhance their appearance by making them appear bigger and letting them have the spotlight.

How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

Some people use the glory of their eyes to take the focus away from other seemingly less attractive facial features such as lips or nose.

Or perhaps you may want to bring the spotlight on your eyes just because you are in love with the way your eyes look.

No matter what reason you may have to drive some attention to your eyes, these tips and tricks are sure to make your mission successful:

7. Experiment with eye shadows:

 Your Eyes

Eye shadows are make-up products that can be applied to your eyelids to draw attention to your eyes. If you are aiming for an everyday look or just getting started with make-up, use shades of eye shadows that are closer to your skin shadow and then gradually explore with bolder hues.

An eye shadow that contrasts your eye color will make your eyes pop, this is especially helpful for people who have smaller eyes and want to bring them out in a way that they look bigger.

6. Making your Eyelashes Look fabulous:

Draw Attention To Your Eyes

While it is true that your eyelashes are there to protect your eyes and to prevent dust and other small particles from entering your eyes, but they can also serve as excellent beauty enhancers.

Long, thick and dark lashes are coveted and desired, so use Careprost to grow your lashes naturally or invest in some quality mascara to add volume as well as length to them.

If you want to give your eyes a really dramatic look, go for eyelash extension Maricopa az or fake lashes which give temporary length but are great for quick events.

If you use eyeliner on your lash lines, they will become instant attention catchers; try winging them for the extra wow factor.

Using Kohl on your inner lash lines has also been proven to make people fix their vision on your pretty eyes, even Cleopatra used to use Kohl on her eyes!

5. Shape Up your Eyebrows: 

Top 7 Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

Your eyebrows provide an upper frame to your eyes, so when you are grooming your eyes, always treat your eyebrows as an extension of your eyes.

Well-groomed and well-shaped eyebrows will add to the glory of your eyes, make sure you shape them in such a way that is suitable for your face shape. For instance, rounded eyebrows on a round face will make you appear even rounder, so please research face shapes and eyebrows best suitable for them.

A general rule is to have thicker and fuller eyebrows if you want to look younger, go for thinner and well-shaped brows to give mature vibes.

4. Get Rid of Crows’ feet (Wrinkles) and Dark Circles:

How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

Dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes can eclipse the shine and glory of your eyes by making your eyes and in turn, your whole face looks dull, tired, and old.

You can get various under eye gels and creams which will lighten your dark circles with time and you can go for concealer for a quick fix. You can try natural ingredients masks to fade your wrinkles or try Allergan Botox for more quick and long-lasting results. When it comes to looking good, you yourself should decide what works for you, there is no wrong way to look beautiful.

3. Use Contact Lenses:

amazing methods How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

Some people don’t like the eye color they are born with, or at times you may have colored your hairs and the eye color doesn’t go with it. Sometimes, you may just want to jazz things a bit up by using different colored contact lenses.

It’s completely acceptable to use contact lenses in different colors as long as they are of good quality and cause no damage to your eyes or affect your vision in any way.

2. Add Some Shine to your Eyes:

Best Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

There are various make-up techniques that can help you add a shine or glow to your eyes. If you are going to an event at night, some sparkly eye shadow can do the job for you.

Some people like to add a little white shade on the inner corners of the lower lashes and upper lashes to add a more subtle shimmer to your eyes.

1. Go Easy On Your Lips: 

 7 Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

If you want to draw the spotlight to your eyes, you must go easy on your lips. No dark or bold colors for them as they will divert and steal the attention from your eyes.

If you must apply a lipstick, go for a nude shade and if you can use a clear lip balm, that will be the best. Hope you enjoy reading our article Top 7 Ways How To Draw Attention To Your Eyes.

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