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Top 8 Different Causes Of Hair Damage In 2022 With Details

Top 8 Different Causes Of Hair Damage

Top 8 Different Causes Of Hair Damage

Hair damage can be caused by many things stress, irregular diet, weather conditions, or just plain old making the same mistakes again and again. Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner can also aggravate the damage. The Joico k pak conditioner is one such product that makes sure your hair is safe and it helps your hair heal from the damage.

The Different Causes Of Hair Damage

8. Brushing.

Top 8 Different Causes Of Hair Damage

Hair brushing skills should be given due importance. The whole 100 brush strokes a day is a huge myth. Over-brushing your hair can cause it to break and your cuticles to open up. This can lead to frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. Using your fingers to detangle your hair while it is conditioned. This way it makes sure your hair doesn’t break and also makes combing your hair easier. It is always advisable to comb your hair in the shower when you have conditioned your hair with a wide-tooth comb. This avoids frizz and breakage. Never yank at your hair.

7. Hair Ties.

8 Different Causes Of Hair Damage

A high pony is alluring but oh so damaging to your hair. It pulls at your scalp and also causes hair damage. This is best managed by avoiding this as much as possible. If it is unavoidable, then the times you can let your hair be loose, let it be so. Use conditioners like Joico k pak conditioner which makes sure that your hair is strong and doesn’t have as many breakages.

6. Blow Dry It Right.

Different Causes Of Hair Damage

Blow drying causes your hair to dry out immensely. So, be smart when you dry your hair. Let your hair air dry for about 75% and after that, you can blow dry your hair. Make sure you detangle your hair and use a heat protectant at all times. Use the lowest heat possible.

5. Heat Styling Dirty Hair.

 Causes Of Hair Damage

Unwashed hair should not be styled because it is full of dirt, grime, and other styling products that may not be great heat protectants. Also, your hair will burn and get damaged because the dirt will be coating your hair and that will cause you to use more heat, in turn damaging your hair.

4. Hair Wash Routines.

Hair Damage

How frequently you wash your hair depends upon how oily or dry your hair is. That being said, always make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Joico hair products UK gives a gorgeous range of shampoos and conditioners apt for your hair.

3. Protect From Chlorine And Saltwater.

Top 8 Different Causes Of Hair Damage

It’s no secret that chlorine and saltwater cause your hair to be dry, brittle, and damaged. So, don’t stop yourself from swimming, but once you are done in a swimming pool or in the sea, immediately go and rinse your hair with clean water and apply a deep conditioner. This moisturizes your hair and also keeps make sure the next time you go into the pool or the beach your hair is less likely to be damaged so much.

2. Micro-fiber Towels.

Hair Damage towels

Those cotton towels break your hair cuticles when you wrap them with a normal towel. They cause more frizz and breakage. Micro-fiber towels are kinder to your hair and make sure you don’t damage and break them. They also help your hair dry faster.

1. Hydration.

Top 8 Different Causes Of Hair Damage

Hydration is key to keeping your hair from breaking. The right shampoo and conditioner like Joico hair products UK has all of the best options for you. It also matters that you follow a good hair care routine. Deep conditioning, standing appointments with your hairstylist, a regular trim, and oiling it religiously are some of the few things you should do. Drink more water always. It helps keep your hair be more moisturized.

Choose options that will save your hair. Make sure you follow these steps. Never pull on your hair tie while removing it from your hair, it damages your cuticles and also pulls on your scalp. Get regular scalp massages or do them yourself at home. Use a combination of oils while oiling your hair. Use sulfate-free shampoos, they keep your hair’s natural oils intact and help your hair breathe better. Be kind to your hair.

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