5 Cities That Are Best For A Weekend Getaway

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the 5 Cities That Are Best For A Weekend Getaway. We have so much empathy for that nomadic itch to get out of dodge. When you need a break from the same old sights and sounds, and escaping into that thriller novel isn’t cutting it, you’re left with no other choice but to ponder over weekend getaways. We know the feeling well, and lucky for you, we’ve created a list of the five best weekend getaways to cure your wanderlust. A family vacation in Turkey 15 Awesome Things to See and Do in Turkey with Kids can be filled with fun activities, whether your children are young or teens.

Top 5 Cities That Are Best For A Weekend Getaway

Top 5 Cities That Are Best For A Weekend Getaway

1. Visit Savannah, Georgia 

If your goal is to escape the crowds (or the winter), head to Savannah for a nature walk in Forsyth Park, a stroll down Savannah River, or a day out on the beaches on Tybee Island. There are also many different walking and trolley tours offering history lessons on the city. 

If you’re into paranormal stuff, Savannah does spooky right. You can go on ghost tours and explore haunted places, making it an ideal Halloween destination if you are the Jack and Sally type. If you want to see what else Georgia offers, you can find affordable, 45-minute flights to Atlanta from Savannah. 

2. Visit Scottsdale, Arizona 

No doubt you need somewhere to relax. Nicknamed the ‘Spa Capital of the USA,’ Scottsdale, Arizona makes our list for being a sprawling oasis of spas and luxury shopping centers. Retail therapy and facial treatments are best enjoyed amidst a backdrop of desert and purple skyline, which, of course, are two hallmark natural features of the region. 

Enjoy the views and book a horseback ride at Cave Creek Outfitters. If you’re in the mood to explore something new, head over to Old Town and check out the galleries, restaurants, and Cattle Track, an arts community devoted to preserving Scottdale’s arts scene. 

3. Visit Sanibel Island, Florida 

If you want a Florida escape without the club scene, head to Sanibel Island. You’ll explore kayaking routes, live music, and a bike path that stretches from one side of the island to the other. 

For a romantic touch, head to hotspots near Lighthouse Beach and watch the sunset. For a deep-sea adventure, book your fishing charter at Endless Summer Charter. The downtown has been upgraded for improved restaurant ambiance, and Millennial Brewing Co. is a must for lunch or dinner. 

4. Visit New York City 

The upside of having your truck break down in NYC is that there’s an auto shop around every corner and you’re a short walk away from a subway station. If you’re in the mood for lobster rolls, the best Italian food, and hiding away at an underground diner, NYC is calling you and your appetite home. 

Oh, by the way, the feeling of snacking on a salty street pretzel is too amazing to describe in words. In the morning, head to Montague Street Bagels. That salmon cream cheese puts your chain store to shame. You might also take a trip to Coney Island and visit Luna Park for a day of family fun. 

5. Visit Austin, Texas 

The population in Austin is growing for so many great reasons. There is something to love for everyone, from an abundance of outdoor activities to job opportunities to a buzzing music scene. 

As for weekend-goers, you can take your pick of the city’s gazillion food trucks, live music throughout the week, and barbecue that understands the delicate balance of sauce and dry rub. The city’s many beer gardens (outdoor joints with coffee and beer) are perfect places to end the day. 

Consider our top five picks for weekend city getaways the next time you’re ready for a three-day getaway. Finding those quiet, busy, or somewhere-in-between places to escape to just got a whole lot easier. 

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