Gaming Setup Tips For A More Immersive Experience

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Gaming Setup Tips For A More Immersive Experience. Gaming is all about escapism and exploring alternate realities. You get to use your skills, compete against others, and play with some equipment. On average, a professional gamer can make between $12,000 and $60,000 per year, according to Cyber Athletics. Although anyone can enjoy gaming from the comfort of their home with a 6 monitor setup. Check out this store to see the type of computers that could enhance your game. 

Gaming Setup Tips For A More Immersive Experience

Gaming Setup Tips For A More Immersive Experience

Get Immersed Into Your 6 Monitor Setup

Games are essentially about having fun whether you’re a professional or an amateur. You’ll therefore want to get as far into the experience as you can with your multiple-monitor setup so check out the following tips:

  • Ultra-wide curved screen
  • Ergonomic chair and monitor mounts 
  • Get a powerful computer 
  • Refresh and Response Rate 
  • Consider built-in monitor speakers
  • Mouse and keyboard versus controllers 

Ultra-wide Curved Screen

The first point to note is that of course, you don’t have to go for a multiple monitor setup with flat-screen display units. Instead, you have the option to go for one ultra-wide curved screen although the cost is much higher. Whilst a large curved screen can be great fun, it’s clearly less versatile than a 6 monitor setup. With adjustable mounts, you can actually make your multiple monitor setup curve round to give you better ergonomics overall.

Ergonomic Chair And Monitor Mounts

Depending on what game you’re playing on your 6 monitor setup, you’ll want to make sure you have the right chair. You can even get special chairs that look and feel like a cockpit or driving seat. That can create an awesome experience with your perfectly mounted and arranged 6 monitor setup. You’ll notice though that adjustable monitor mounts cost slightly more than fixed ones but they’re definitely worth the extra money.

Get A Powerful Computer

Naturally, your laptop or desktop is the most important part of your 6 monitor setup. After all, that’s what powers your multiple monitor setup, although, you’ll probably want to keep an eye on your budget. You can usually find online system builder tools though to help you play around with the following specifications: 

  • Processing power and RAM 
  • Graphics card or video card

Processing Power

You’ll need a good system that usually includes either an Intel or AMD processor with quad-core capabilities at around 4 or 5GHz. Then of course you’ll need a good RAM of 16GB or 32GB for your 6 monitor setup. 

Graphics Card Or Video Card

Most computers have an integrated graphics card although it still works checking the specification. This device is what allows your graphics to update quickly and accurately. For gamers, the best brands are Radeon and NVIDIA, and at least 4GB although they can go up to 12GB. It’s worth noting that as this is such an important part of your multiple monitor setup systems, many gamers decide to build their own computers. That means that they can specify exactly the right graphics card and mount it themselves onto their own unique motherboard and then connect to their 6 monitors. Building your own computer is also a great way to manage your budget more effectively. 

If you decide to build your own computer then you’ll have to include other key equipment such as a power supply unit and cooling system as well as cables, usually HDMI although it depends on your ports. Whether you then opt for Windows 10 or Mac operating system though doesn’t actually matter. Although, it’s worth bearing in mind that Mac tends to have slightly more powerful processors whereas some games are still only optimized for Windows 10. That’s quickly changing though. 

Refresh And Response Rate 

Let’s not forget that your monitor display screen also has to be able to keep up. Most gaming monitors specify at least 120Hz although of course, you’ll need a high CPU and GPU to also provide that rate. For gaming, response time also comes into the picture. This is how long your monitor takes to change individual pixels. A good specification is 5ms although you’ll also see up to 0.5ms. 

Consider Built-in Monitor Speakers

An immersive experience involves both visuals and audio which is why built-in speakers can be awesome. Of course, it will increase the costs of your overall 6 monitor setup and you could be looking at monitors in the thousands. It’s still worth considering to get the best gaming results possible with your multi-monitor setup. You might also cut down on cables because you don’t need to include speakers with your monitor setups.

Mouse And Keyboard Versus Controllers

Gamers have a choice when it comes to how they run their 6 monitor setup. You can buy some funky mouse and keyboard designs or you can opt for a controller. These can be more ergonomic and easier on your hands and arms. Then again, it sometimes depends on the game so you can actually switch between controller and keyboard. Although, of course, you’ll need to make sure you have the right cables for the display port connectors of your peripherals.

Final Recommendations For An Immersive Gaming Experience With A 6 Monitor Setup

Creating an immersive experience is easy with a multi-monitor setup and the right computer to power your monitors. You simply need to arrange them to fit into a semi-circle around your head so that you’re fully in the middle. 

Of course, technology is also evolving though and you might want to check out Virtual Reality headsets. Another emerging trend is cloud gaming for which you don’t need such a powerful computer or graphics cards. Having said that, cloud gaming is still not good enough for professional gamers because of data limitations and inadequate server structures. You’re still better off getting the right multiple monitor setup with an awesome and powerful computer and all the graphics processing power you can reasonably afford. 


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