Must Have Tools For Administration Of Projects For Your Business 

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Best Tools For Administration Of Projects For Your Business. Project management skills are vital for anyone looking to join the corporate job market. Businesses have different projects that are either running simultaneously or independently. Whichever way they are running, each project needs proper management to succeed and deliver the expected results.

Best Tools For Administration Of Projects For Your Business

In the past, project management was done manually and maybe through shady to-do lists. However, modern technologies have brought about more comprehensive project management tools or software.

Best Tools For Administration Of Projects For Your Business

Project management tools are used by managers and workers. They are used to plan, manage resources, and organize projects. There are numerous project management tools available that businesses can choose from. 

The high number of available project management tools poses a concern for choosing the right tool. There are six steps to follow to ensure that you purchase and implement the best tool for your project or workplace. 

  1. Assess your needs
  2. Do necessary evaluations
  3. Try out the tool
  4. Get approval from management
  5. Buy and implement the tool
  6. Review the implementation

It is crucial to follow these steps. This will ensure that you get the best project management tool for the task. We shall now look at some of the top tools for project management. is a common name in marketing agencies and departments of businesses. The software is used to manage marketing projects by many businesses. It offers the capability to handle robust workflows that are custom-built by businesses. 

The tool is easy to learn and use despite its large-scale use. It is also recommended for novice marketers. offers detailed analytics reports to users. The analytics are for monitoring the performance of their marketing strategies

The tool also supports resource management and collaboration for marketing personnel. Most marketing professionals will use such a tool together with association management software. The membership software keeps client data and records. When using with the membership management software, reaching out to clients in a marketing project becomes easy and quick. is a subscription-based tool. It has a free plan if the project management software will be used by less than two users. However, when there are more than 2 users, the tool will charge $8 for every user per month. 


Wrike is a web-based project management tool. The developer intended the application to be used for large-scale projects with many personnel. The tool offers an intuitive view that allows users to view and analyze all projects from the homepage dashboard.

The homepage dashboard consists of three panes.

  1. Right Pane -This pane consists of detailed information about your tasks in the currently selected project.
  2. Middle Pane -This pane consists of a simple list of all your tasks in the selected project. 
  3. Left Pane -This pane consists of a hierarchical list of tasks in the selected project. Project managers can add and remove subtasks from the project at this pane.

Wrike also provides analytic information to the project managers. The analytics information can be about the team or the project’s progress insights. 

Wrike offers three available tiers for anyone looking to use the platform. The free tier does not have a monthly charge and allows a team of not more than five people. This tier is best for working on small projects.

The professional variant supports up to 15 team members for the projects. The tier charges $9.80 per month for every user. The final tier is the business variant. This tier supports up to 200 users. The monthly charge for the business variant is $24.80 per user. The business variant offers exquisite additional features. 


Teamwork is a project management tool optimized for use by teams working remotely. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Teamwork gained popularity due to this capability. Teamwork gives project managers the platform to manage projects fully, from their start till the end.

Teamwork allows project managers to sequentially structure the project tasks and milestones. With Teamwork, managers can create tasks, break down the tasks into subtasks, and list various actions for the subtasks. 

With Teamwork, clients can be included in the collaborations. This helps ensure that every milestone is approved by the client, therefore, the final deliverable is satisfactory and as per the clients’ needs. 

Teamwork is a project management tool that supports numerous customizations. For some, the number of supported customizations and features make it hard to use. However, with a good induction and adherence to its documentation, using the tool becomes easy.

Teamwork offers a 30-day trial period for new users. For the basic tier, it costs $10 per month for every user. Other additional features required by the business are charged separately, therefore, prices can vary. 

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a project management tool that supports all project complexity levels and sizes. This means that it can be used by a small business or by a fully established business. The tool’s user interface draws inspiration from social media platforms. The tool uses user feeds and forums as the primary interaction tools for users.

Zoho Projects offer the manager the ability to subdivide large projects into small, easily executable sections. This is done through the use of the Gantt chart creation tools offered by the software. Zoho Projects also allow the manager to describe any task dependencies.

With Zoho Projects, the project manager can also assign project tasks to specific team members. After assigning tasks. The manager can view the task progress whenever they want. Zoho Projects is a well-developed tool that is supported on other platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. This offers the team members flexibility when working.

Zoho Projects has a free plan that supports a maximum of 2 projects and 3 users. The paid plan costs $5 per month for every user.


Before choosing a project management tool, you should study its documentation first. Some project management tools are optimized for use for certain specific use cases and project types. You should also strictly adhere to the 6-step process listed above to ensure that you do not regret your purchase later on while using it. 


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