6 Unique Marketing Strategies That Can Skyrocket Your Startup

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the 6 Unique Marketing Strategies That Can Skyrocket Your Startup. After starting a company, your dream of becoming an entrepreneur will feel complete. But being an entrepreneur is not a bed of roses, as it comes with its laments and luxury. Entrepreneurs have a clear goal. But some rarely find a way to generate the demand for their venture.

6 Unique Marketing Strategies That Can Skyrocket Your Startup

Marketing is the only solution for this. It is a process of pushing products and services after deep research. It makes the people aware of the company and its products and services. In the big data world, digital marketing is a modern tool for targeted promotions.

What Is A Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is a series of plans to reach people with limited resources. Every venture needs a marketing strategy to get it into the limelight. A unique strategy yielding high returns on investment is the need of the hour. Digital marketing techniques like email marketing can be handy.

The following are a few unique marketing strategies that can boost your startup.

1. Search Engine Marketing

People search for the services they seek, with few keywords. In SEM, you should pay the search engine to feature your website. SEM focuses on the relevance of the site more than the bucks it demands. So, the higher the relevancy, the higher it will be featured on the SERP.

Digital marketing has a unique feature. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can make yourself visible to the people, who are searching for your service locally. Sounds great, right? Yes. According to a  Milwaukee digital marketing agency, people owning local businesses can launch targeted local rankings to increase relevant traffic to your site. It will bring customers and startups like yours closer together. Beyond the cost of featuring, SEM is still a short-term boost to the site.

For long-term digital dividends from your website, you should consider optimizing it. A digital marketing agency or a web design company near you can guide you to do better.

2. Guerilla Marketing

Interesting name, right? Like the name, it works. It is a marketing tactic to grab the customer’s attention. It uses unconventional, yet amusing methods. Its main feature is the way it surprises its viewers, as an “event ambush.” It sometimes creates controversies with catchy ads.

They are creative, cheap, interactive, and super-effective, as it has a long-term effect. Thus, it creates a worthy brand name that your startup deserves.

A version of it focuses more on personal interactions and viral marketing. It creates a snowballing effect of word-of-mouth marketing. Do it in public places in a way to attract youths for the greatest reach. But it works only with unique products, not all.

For example, UNICEF once put up the “Dirty Water” for sale in a vending machine. It was to create awareness about drinking water unavailability in Africa. This was successful. By this, UNICEF received good charity to build sustainable water sources in Africa.

Guerilla marketing may have legal risks. But with apt timing, one can leverage it for good marketing reach. Creativity is the kingpin here. If you are way too creative, no one could stop guerilla marketing your startup. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media has grown to such a level that its relevance reflects in elections. It behaves as if it were a country itself. Social media has a wide pool of users, among which many can be your potential clients.

Thus, marketing targeted to these people is necessary. Start posting relevant articles, sharing helpful posts, and writing appropriate blogs. Also, don’t miss uploading videos on YouTube.

A unique method of social media marketing would be posting witty memes, reels. You should also try the trending “influencer marketing” campaign. The topics can be from the day-to-day issues your relevant audience could face.

Your post should be offering solutions to the same. These posts will enable the audience to relate to them. It will make them feel you understand their problem and make them approach you for their demands.

4. Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty is a noble virtue to master. Loyalty marketing is a strategy to keep the existing customers feel comfortable. It usually costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

Such a cost would be an unnecessary financial burden for startups like yours. Thus, loyalty marketing ensures customer retention, leading to high profits. Give active customer support, practice customer empathy, keep customers engaged in social media.

Happy customers also act as great marketers. They recommend your services to their circle. You will reap more benefits than you invest in loyalty marketing.

5. Challenge Marketing

Any activity involving a challenge is a brain trainer. They motivate people to complete them to get the end reward. A marketing strategy by which you challenge people to involve in an activity.

Let me tell you about a marketing campaign for Burger King. ItsBurn That Ad’ campaign in Brazil is a famous example of this strategy. Anyone who opens the Burger King app and focuses on the ad of its rivals could see the ad getting burnt in the app. 

Thanks to its augmented reality, it packed up. It leaves a residue of the Burger King logo along with the code for a free Whopper.

This motivated people to burn the rival ads for free Whooper and the app download increased by 1.5 million. By this, Burger King achieved two objectives –

  1. Using technology, it converted its rivals ads as its; and
  2. It made the people their unpaid marketers. 

This out-of-the-box campaign was successful. It motivated many others too to draft a unique strategy for marketing their startups.

6. Reward Marketing

Who does not love rewards? Anyone from a kid to a nonagenarian loves prizes. Rewards activate the parts of the brain that make us happy. And this is why a prudent marketing strategist should never miss leveraging this.

There are many ways of deploying this strategy. It ranges from – announcing simple freebies to offering grandeur tour packages. The rewards should never be one among many but be bold enough to make an impact on people’s minds.

Offer customer-specific rewards as it makes them feel special. Give rewards like cash back or food coupons on days like Thanksgiving. It will add a cherry to the top of your service.

Wrapping Up

I hope you got a few ideas about how to market to skyrocket your startup based on the above strategies. Marketing ranges from individual marketing to mass marketing.

The need, motive, and creativity in the marketing, make or break it. But never break your unending desire as an entrepreneur to elevate your company by any means.

We wish you good luck in your startup and its future marketing campaign!

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