When Breathing Difficulty Is More Serious Than You Think

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about When Breathing Difficulty Is More Serious Than You Think. Breathing is one of the most basic body processes, which, when obstructive, could mean anything from a simple allergy to a medical emergency. So, you have to watch shortness of breath, especially during these times when the COVID-19 infection is prevalent. For all you know, what seems like plain breathing difficulty might be a sign of a life-threatening disease.

When Breathing Difficulty Is More Serious Than You Think

When Breathing Difficulty Is More Serious Than You Think

The Common Triggers

On regular days, you hardly need to make an effort to get air into your chest and breathe it out through your mouth. However, your chest will feel very tight when you have breathing problems. Grasping for air also seems to require stringent efforts. As mentioned earlier, those kinds of feelings are not always alarming. It could be triggered by ordinary circumstances, including the following:


  • Filthy indoor air. Bad air quality in enclosed spaces could easily trigger shortness of breath for people prone to allergies or have asthma. Schedule a deep clean procedure if you suspect that dirt and mold buildup is causing trouble. You may also get in touch with HVAC St Charles to check the condition of your AC filters or if your system needs routine maintenance altogether. Dust and grime could build up in your vents and pipes, and they could become too much for your old and worn filters to keep on hold. You need your heating and cooling system well maintained to ensure the best indoor air quality.
  • Being overweight. Obesity is a known trigger for shortness of breath. Even simple movements could already make you feel exhausted.
  • Doing strenuous activities. When you do workouts that pump your heart and make it beat faster, you will also find yourself gasping for air at some point. However, this is the kind of trigger that is good for your body, as long as you can manage it.

When It Is Serious Enough To Bring You To The ER

If indoor air quality, obesity, and exercise are not the reasons you feel like you are being suffocated, it could be a more severe problem that needs medical attention. Shortness of breath is alarming when it is already making it hard to speak in sentences, if you feel faint, and if it comes with chest pain. Other symptoms to watch for include:

  • Fever and chills.
  • Swollen feet and ankles.
  • Blue fingertips or lips.
  • Noises when you breathe.

Sweating And Shaking.

Many conditions may cause breathing problems. It would be difficult to tell what is causing yours unless you come to a medical doctor, who will perform tests to make a diagnosis. Serious causes include COVID-19 or another infection, lung disease, heart failure, panic attacks, and anxiety.

If your symptom does not seem like it is caused by simple triggers and you are finding it hard to recover, or the feeling of being out of breath becomes worse, do not hesitate to rush to the emergency room. Do not overlook your symptoms because your condition may require treatment for you to feel better.

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