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Top 8 Points About Why Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly

Top 8 Points About Why Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly

What a person wants on a hot summer day is a perfect cooling air conditioning system in the house. But if it doesn’t cool properly, then it becomes big trouble to sit inside the house due to humidity.

Top 8 Points About Why Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly

Well, there are various reasons for which your air conditioner Not Cooling Properly and giving out yeah that is not so cool. Some of the issues behind this are non-technical, and some are technical. You can look for professional services for air conditioning repair in Houston or any other place of your comfort.

Have a look at the most common issues behind your air conditioner not Cooling properly: 

8. Undersized Air-Conditioner.

The most common mistake that most people make is that they purchase an air conditioner based on their budget and not according to the room size where they have to install the machinery. If you install a small AC in a big room, then it will not be able to give the cooling effect that it might give no small area.

An air conditioner of the wrong size will not be able to work correctly in hot and humid summers. Therefore whenever you step out to buy a new AC for your house, you always have to keep in mind the size of the space where you have to install the AC you are planning to buy or else you will end up getting frustrated when there will be no cooling effect even after buying new machinery.

7. Remote Not Working.

There is also a possibility that the AC remote is not able to send the signal to the AC unit for changing the temperature. Well, if this is so then just changing the AC remote can do the job. And to confirm if this is the only issue because of which there was no cooling effect, you need to call a professional to get checked.

6. High Temperature. 

The air conditioning systems have their operating temperature limit in which they can work properly. And in case the temperature goes beyond the limit, the machinery drops the cooling effect.

At times, when the weather outside is scorching and humid, then there comes the point when the compressor completely stops working and gives no cooling effect. So, it clearly shows that the climate also plays a significant role in the effectiveness of air conditioning systems.

5. Defective parts.

The other major reason that could be behind your air conditioning system not working correctly could be an impaired capacitor of the compressor, faulty control board, blocked capillary, bad thermostat, etc.

So, to know the exact issue with the air conditioning system, you can hire an expert to get all checked right away.

4. Insufficient Amount of Coolant.

The cooling effect comes when the coolant goes through the evaporator coils. Therefore when there is insufficient coolant in the machinery, then the air conditioner stops giving the cooling effect. To resolve this issue, it is highly recommended to hire an expert service for air conditioning repair in Houston. You can look for the best services available online.

3. Compressor Is Not Working Properly.

As the heart plays a significant role in the human body, similarly the compressor works as a major part of the air conditioning unit. AC compressor is responsible for the cooling effect that the AC gives. And if it stops working properly, then there is a possibility that the compressor is not working.

The work of a compressor is to compress the coolant and circulate it through the evaporator and condenser coils. And, if the condenser stops working the air conditioner Not Cooling Properly.

2. Coils Are Full of Dust.

In case your air conditioning system is not cooling correctly, then the reason behind this might be the dirt on the coils. With regular usage of the AC, a lot of depression gets accumulated on the coils.

In an air conditioning system, the condenser works as a radiator that helps to throw away all the heat. As the dirt keeps on getting collected on the coils, it gets dirty and decreases the efficiency of the air conditioner. This entire thing makes it harder for the machinery to cool the space. Tell the time coils are not client properly, there will be no use of switching on the AC as it will never give you the cooling effect you want.

1. Blocked Air Filter.

If your air conditioner not cooling as it should, then this is a clear sign that the air filters of the cooling system are blocked with dust and debris. In this case, due to excess dust clogged in the filters, the airflow gets blocked, decreasing the cooling capacity of the system. To get rid of this problem, you need to quickly clean the air filters or get them replaced if they are damaged and not solving the purpose at all.

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