Top 5 Reasons Why Outdoor Pond Pumps Are Necessary

Top 5 Reasons Why Outdoor Pond Pumps Are Necessary

Top 5 Reasons Why Outdoor Pond Pumps Are Necessary

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Reasons Why Outdoor Pond Pumps Are Necessary. The sound of running water is truly soothing for the senses. This is the reason why many people install outdoor fountains in their gardens or outdoor recreational areas. The fountain truly acts as an oasis amidst the hectic activities of daily life. In fact, it is an excellent idea to sit in your outdoor area and drift into thoughts while watching the fountain.

5. How Do Outdoor Fountains Work?

The beautiful fountains that you see in your garden run with the help of submersible water pumps, which constantly work to make the water circulate. Outdoor fountains are usually integrated with the outdoor Pond pumps; all you need to do is add water to them. Unless these pumps are present, the water may turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes, instead of the fountain attracting beautiful insects.

A proper functioning outdoor ecosystem requires the services of an efficient water pump. The pump is an electro-mechanical device, and it needs to be replaced if it has been used for a number of years after its warranty as well. You may even look to purchase large pond pumps if you are looking to buy the fountain and the pump as separate units.

4. What Features Must The Pond Pump Have?

First of all, it is important to purchase this device from a reputed company, so that you get a high-quality product and also receive efficient after-sales services. Suitable features in outdoor pond pumps and fountain pumps include:

  1. It should function consistently and continuously, without needing to stop in between
  2. It must function in an energy-efficient manner
  3. It should be able to create streams, fountains, and fountains easily
  4. It must be able to initiate the filtration system to keep the water feature in good shape

3. Different Types Of Pond Water Pumps.

The most common types of pond water pumps are external (outside the pond) and submersible pumps. External pond water pumps are also known as centrifugal pumps. Both pumps have their own set of advantages based upon their applications.

Submersible pumps are put directly into the pond or into a pond vault. They are meant to be installed in the deepest section of your pond. It is pretty easy to install this device and it is a viable installation for a small pond (pumping up to 1000 gallons of water). If there is aquatic life in your pond, it would be a good idea to choose a submersible pump that doesn’t use oil, or else a leaking oil filter could be very harmful to the organisms.

Centrifugal or external pond pumps are energy efficient and highly reliable. In comparison to the submersible type, these are put up in a dry area close to the pond. These devices are louder than the submersible pumps are suitable for larger ponds with more than 1000 gallons of water. Although the centrifugal pumps are relatively more difficult to install, they are pretty easy to maintain.

Most pumps come with varying cord lengths. You need to take this into consideration before finalizing the purchase of a pump. The cord needs to be long enough to go into the plug socket and its socket has to be located away from the water source. Some pumps even come with electrical codes that necessitate the outlets to be a minimum of 6 feet away. You might want to consider the use of an extension cord here.

2. What Size Of The Pump Is Needed?

Size of the pond (gallons) Minimum size of pond pump (GPH, for pond circulation)
30-100 50
100-200 100
200-400 200
400-700 350
700-900 450
900-1100 550
1100-1500 750
1500-2000 1000

The water in your pond needs to be circulated at least once in 2 hours. Accordingly, the size of the pond pump is determined on the basis of the pond’s volume. The pump must have a GPH (Gallons Per Hour) rating of half the pond size. In case of water features such as fountains or aquatic life, it would be wise to get a large pump that is one size larger than what was originally in your mind.

Finding out a suitable pump for waterfalls could be tricky since their pumps are rated both as per maximum waterfall height and GPH. Instead of calculating the same, it would be best to get in touch with a reputed company that sells outdoor water pumps.

1. Man-made Ponds Vs. Natural Ponds.

As the name suggests, a man-made pond does not exist by itself in the environment but is created by humans. On the other hand, the natural pond is already a part of the surroundings and has its own aquatic ecosystem. It does not require a filtration system to keep the water clean. Man-made ponds are built with specific purposes, such as sustaining plant life to replenish oxygen levels. An artificial or a man-made pond always gets more maintenance than any natural pond.

Final Words

So friends hope you will enjoy our article about Reasons Why Outdoor Pond Pumps Are Necessary to make your garden more beautiful and also help you to buy one. Please give us your feedback in the comments.

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