Here’s Why You Need To Install A USB Wall Socket Outlet

Here’s Why You Need To Install A USB Wall Socket Outlet

Thanks to smartphones, laptops, and other electronic charging devices that run on USB power, the USB wall sockets have become incredibly popular. For many years, the users have had to connect their devices to a traditional outlet with the help of a converter. While they are certainly one option, a USB wall socket is gaining more traction than before.

Here’s Why You Need To Install A USB Wall Socket Outlet

USB cables not only carry power but also help in data transfer. Therefore, USB outlets are small and adaptable to fulfill these functions. These outlets are smart grid friendly, work with solar power, and even offer a storage option. The best thing is that they are universal in nature. This is the reason many consider a USB wall socket to be the future of electricity.

If you are still questioning why you must install these sockets, then here are some major benefits.

4. Convenience.

While some charging devices, such as wireless chargers, require you to wait until your battery is fully charged before you can use it again, USB ports allow you to use your device along with charging.

In today’s age, laptops and PCs come with limited ports or USB-C ports that make several charging devices dependent on a converter. However, with a USB wall socket, you will be able to charge all your equipment with ease.

3. Fast charging.

When using a standard USB power outlet to charge your device through your laptop or desktop, you can only provide current up to a maximum of 500 amps. This could sometimes take longer for you to fully charge your device than plugging it in a traditional outlet.

However, when you install a USB outlet, it will allow you to charge faster with about 20 amps more than a laptop or a desktop. This is especially helpful for devices that have larger batteries. The stronger current will reduce the charging time, making it more efficient.

2. Long Life.

In order to make the design impressive and attractive, many USB ports in the market are lightweight and sleek. As a result, they lose their durability, making them easily damaged or even lost. However, a USB socket is far more durable because it is affixed to your wall.

Sometimes a home office may require several things to be plugged in at once, thereby creating a potential fire hazard. But a wall socket is made of long-lasting, quality materials that eliminate such risks and lasts you a long time.

1. Easy installation.

If you want to replace an outlet on your traditional socket with a USB socket, then you would be happy to know that the latter is effortless to install. USB outlets are designed to handle multiple configurations of electrical outlet wiring for your convenience.

If you are unsure about getting the wiring of an outlet right or you are not so confident to safely do it, then it is best to have the job done by a professional electrician. Even with easy installation, you run the risk of getting a shock and mishandling the wirework. So, avoid taking hat that risk and call an electrician instead.

Luckily, USB outlets don’t cost a lot and make for an affordable home upgrade to improve the quality of your life. You will find multitudes of options available in the market. So carefully consider your requirements and find a suitable USB socket!


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