What Are The Major Types Of Trucking Trailers

What Are The Major Types Of Trucking Trailers

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about What Are The Major Types Of Trucking Trailers. The shipping or transportation business includes driving numerous kinds of trucks and pulling trailers that carry a wide assortment of cargo. A truck driver will probably require hauling every kind of merchandise. It can be from food quantities to whole houses and every other thing possible. For the best results, hire services from the best trailers manufacturers in India.

Types Of Trucking Trailers

The cargo determines the type of trailer you need to choose you will be carrying. Shipping trailers vary significantly regarding size, and each has different necessities and guidelines, as does the cargo it conveys. This implies each sort of trailer carries with it a significantly different experience while driving. Hence, it’s imperative to comprehend what kind of trailer you’re hitching to your apparatus before getting on the road. So friends here is the list of Major Types Of Trucking Trailers

Trailers Of The Flatbed Type:

Numerous organizations prefer to use flatbed trailers. Their adaptability implies that they can be utilized to ship a broad range of materials. Another benefit of using these trailers is that they’re advantageous for loading and offloading. They are accessible in different sizes, so it is possible to customize them as per the specific operational needs. There isn’t a crate for covering the materials, which implies that you’ll have to utilize canvas/drop cloth. Get the most out of the best trailers manufacturers in India.

Refrigerated Trailers: 

These kinds of trailers are more specialty type than flatbed and enclosed models. They’re useful in case you need to keep your goods cool during transportation. These trailers are utilized in pharmaceutical and food enterprises.

The Gooseneck Type:

Removable gooseneck trailers offer you a reliable solution for transporting massive loads. The load is held lower to the ground, which implies that these trailers are ideal for carrying bigger items. The trailer’s front end can be separated or disengaged to make it simpler and quicker to load heavy gear.

Trailers That Can Be Customized:

When you need any specific kind of trailer for your business, then a customized trailer is the best thing to choose. The reason that you’re utilizing such trailers will decide their structure. While these models can be expensive, at the same time, they help with boosting the productivity of your business by meeting the exact needs of your tasks.

Vehicle Transporter/Car Carrier Trailer: 

As the name suggests, car carrier trailers transport vehicles, trucks, and different other automobiles. They are outfitted with two levels for holding different vehicles. They can carry somewhere in the range of two to eight vehicles. When you have to pull a few vehicles, you’ll utilize such a trailer.

While you load the vehicles, you should be mindful to ensure all vehicles end up in the park with the brakes set and are hitched to the trailer, making it safe. A progression of inclines is included to ensure loading and unloading is simple, as vehicles are heavier and more specialized than the normal cargo. It is possible to enclose the trailers, yet they are kept open regularly. Their height can’t surpass 11.6 feet because of the heights of the overpass.

Step Deck Trailer: 

These semi-trailers are fundamentally the same as flatbed trailers, with the main difference being the maximum height of the load for a step-deck trailer must be ten feet or lesser. Step decks we’re intended to carry a load that flatbed trailer was unable to do, generally because of the limitations in height. These trailers can hold up to 48000 pounds of weight.

The Dry Van Trailer: 

A dry van is fundamentally a trailer that is enclosed. Dry van trailers are the most widely recognized cargo holders. These trailers are completely shut and sealed. Subsequently, cargo is shielded from any outside impact. There isn’t any temperature control in Dry Van’s, so you can utilize them to transport merchandise that won’t be affected by changes in weather, such as canned products. These trailers are weatherproof and help in keeping the product dry. These are utilized essentially to ship hard and delicate products like some food, apparel, and other products that require protection but aren’t susceptible to temperature changes.

The Sidekits: 

Sidekit’s are often furnished with wood-side framing and used in carrying unpacked loads, such as gravel, earth, and other materials that won’t require packaging. They are basically the flatbed type trailers with a four-foot side appended with the trailer’s deck. They can carry a maximum load up to 45,000 lbs.

Electronic And Deep Drop Furniture Trailers:

These two-layered trailers are regularly utilized to carry huge and massive, comparatively light cargo, such as electronics and furniture. They are specifically built so that it can permit loading maximum cargo. Therefore, it has an extra, lower back deck for additional room.

The Power Only:

These trailers are utilized for towing different trailers. The Power only has a movable fifth wheel that enables the truck to fit your load’s measurements and specifications. These trailers are built ideally to suit your shipping needs.


This list obviously doesn’t cover all the kinds of trailers available in the market. You may find numerous other specific trailers. However, if you are in the trucking business, or hoping to make a career here, the sooner you know the sort of trailer to get, the quicker you are ready to be on the road. So friends hope you will enjoy our article What Are The Major Types Of Trucking Trailers and we hope that our article will help you. please give us your feedback in the comment.

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