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5 Post Covid Hotel Upgrades to Boost Your Business and Attract More Clients

5 Post Covid Hotel Upgrades to Boost Your Business and Attract More Clients

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the 5 Post Covid Hotel Upgrades to Boost Your Business and Attract More Clients. As the world adapts to the new normal, hotels and vacation spots are slowly opening up with the necessary restrictions to keep their guests safe.

5 Post Covid Hotel Upgrades to Boost Your Business and Attract More Clients

Hotels are preparing to get back in business by upgrading some of their systems to ensure that customers are served right.

Here are some of the Hotel upgrades that you should consider implementing in your establishment.

Work On Your Lobby

As guests start getting to your hotel, they’ll have to wait in the lobby to get their needs attended to. This means that making a few upgrades in the lobby is very necessary.

The upgrades you make should make your guests feel welcome. Here are a few things you can include to achieve this:

Display Engaging and Useful Information

You can take advantage of this time to educate your guests more about the hotel and the facilities you have. Give them a tour and introduce them to some of the offers that are running in the hotel.

Let them know where they can get help if they run into any problems. To do this, invest in a digital screen that will display this information with ease. Make sure to place it somewhere your guests can easily see. 

Incorporate an Aquarium

5 Post Covid Hotel Upgrades to Boost Your Business

The benefits of having an aquarium are endless which makes it the perfect addition for your hotel lobby. This aquarium will serve as the perfect entertainment for your guests and give them a calm and stress-relieving feeling.

They will also serve as a great centerpiece for your lobby and help your hotel stand out from the rest. With an aquarium, the best practice is to ensure that it is always clean and the fish are lively and healthy.

Invest in quality filters that will help remove any dirt and bacteria from the water. An example of this is the mountain tree filter medium that works to promote growth and balance the water’s PH.

Upgrade Your Safety Protocols

What are you doing as a hotel to ensure that your guests are protected? As people get more comfortable about traveling again, they’ll need to be assured of their safety.

As an establishment, you’ll need to have concrete measures on how you’ll help ease your guest’s worries. You can do this by ensuring that your guests are brought to the hotel using your vehicle. This will limit the need for public transport. 

You should also take steps toward ensuring that you maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Have your staff wipe down and disinfect every part of the hotel that comes into contact with a lot of your guests.

Have several sanitization stations all around the hotel where your guests can easily access sanitizers. As you work on maintaining hygiene within the hotel also make sure that your suppliers adhere to the same levels of hygiene. 

How do you respond in case one of your guests or staff get ill? It is important to ensure that your staff is well educated on how to identify the signs and symptoms.

Give them instructions on how to react and what to do when one person is infected. This will also prevent panic among the other guests. 

Invest in New Technology

Losing track of the number of people who book to stay at your hotel for a certain period is bound to happen. This is why you need to invest in new technology that will allow your guests to book in advance and help you limit the number of people that are allowed to book. 

Doing this will help you adhere to the maximum number allowed in your facility to ensure that you can provide the best services with no compromise. 

You should also consider changing the access ways of your hotel. Find technology that will allow your guests to get in without having to touch any handles. Try your best to automize every aspect of your hotel as you possibly can. 

Re-evaluate Your Marketing Efforts

The only way people will get to know about your hotel is through marketing yourself. However, as you do this, you need to incorporate a few extra things that you normally wouldn’t.

In all your marketing efforts you should keep up with the activities that are offered in your hotel and the kind of experience your guests should expect. You should also be keen to show the measures you are taking toward keeping your guests safe from any infections. 

Communicate clearly about the modifications you have made and the steps that would be taken in the occurrence of an infection. This will give people peace of mind trusting that they will be safe in your hotel.

Establish Protective Gear Stations

5 Post Covid Hotel Upgrades

Consider providing stations where your guests can get masks and gloves for their personal use. You could also offer free hand sanitizers that they can move around with as they go about their day.

Be sure to also include a disposing station where any protective wear used can safely be disposed of without any contamination risks. Providing these things will ensure that your guests stay protected and can easily adhere to the hotel’s guidelines. 


With the change in times, it is important to make sure that you are up to date with the necessary Hotel upgrades to ensure you stay in business. Take your time to assure your guests of their safety, by incorporating all the necessary measures required.

Maintain a high hygiene level, make your guests feel welcome, embrace new technology, and re-evaluate your marketing efforts. These upgrades will help you weather the tough times in the hospitality industry and ensure you come out on top

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