Why Information Technology Is Good For The Education Process 

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about Why Information Technology Is Good For The Education Process? The evolution of information technology characterizes the 21st century. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube are examples of innovations and creations that have emerged during this period. For example, you can now send information and messages instantly to your friends. This is irrespective of their geographic location.    

Why Information Technology Is Good For The Education Process 

But, the question is: how has information technology-enhanced the education process? The answer to this question is simple. Through technological innovations, teachers can conduct online classes. They can share class information and data, take roll calls, and record examination results using these tools. 

Information technology has made the process of learning more accessible. You can now access any academic information that relates to your subject. These data are published on the internet, and some are available for free. Moreover, this article addresses why technological innovations are beneficial to the education process. 

Why Information Technology Is Good For The Education Process

Online Learning

You can now access online learning tools. For instance, your school can use Zoom technology to conduct digital lessons. This aspect gained prominence during the COVID 19 pandemic, where many higher learning institutions relied on technological information tools to conduct online classes. 

The provision of online classes services is not restricted to universities and colleges. You can access free digital courses by signing in to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  Here, you can learn about any topic that you want. One of the popular MOOCs is the Khan Academy. The site has thousands of lessons on any topic that you want. 

Still, you can learn how to code, write essays, and structure your academic papers through YouTube. This is a social media site that allows you to upload any video that you want.  You can also get tips on how to provide quality essay writing service to your clients.  All that you need is reliable internet and a fast computer system.    

Information technology does not only restrict access to educational videos, but you can also get academic podcasts and websites that provide teaching sessions. For instance, Programs is a site where you can learn to write codes with any programming language you want.  Sawbones, Hidden Brain, and Hardcore History are examples of podcasts you can rely on for academic information. 

Therefore, information technology is helpful for the educational process because it facilitates online learning. However, imagine a world with no internet. If this was so, how would you receive knowledge during the lockdowns associated with the COVID 19? Yet, thanks to the internet, you continued with your studies. 

Rich Source Of Information And Knowledge

The internet contains millions of websites that can provide any information that can facilitate your educational process. But, be reminded that not all sources are legitimate. Your teacher may discourage you from quoting or referencing web pages such as Wikipedia and Quora. 

Wikipedia is an open-source website where anyone can write and post information. The reliability and accuracy of the data published may be in doubt. Thus, your teacher may deduct marks from your essay if you cite this source.

But, do not be discouraged.  You can easily access journal articles and scholarly materials using the internet.  Popular sources of these educational materials include JSTOR, Google Scholar, and EBSCO. Using specific keywords, you can access thousands of journal articles from these sites. 

The use of journals in your research paper may increase your academic scores. Also, they are rich sources of information because of the extensive research done by the researchers. You can trust and rely on the information contained in them because they are peer-reviewed. Listed below are some other advantages of using these academic materials to write your essay:

  • They provide evidence for the arguments they make: These materials are well researched. They contain the methodology section and information on samples used to collect data. In this section, you can get details on the results of their research.
  • Their perspectives are broad: These articles are well-researched and contain ideas and information from different authors. This broadens your knowledge and perspective when you read them.
  • Data is written in different forms: The study results are presented in graphs, diagrams, and pictures. So, you can easily understand the arguments they intend to prove. 

Final Thoughts

Information technology enhances the process of education. Through technological tools such as Zoom and the internet, it is possible to conduct online classes. Also, you can access journal articles from JSTOR, Google Scholar, and EBSCO. These are essential sources of information and can improve the quality of your grades if you site them.  


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