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Why Ear Tunnel Hangers Makes Great Holiday Gifts

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about Why Ear Tunnel Hangers Makes Great Holiday Gifts. The holiday season is a time for good cheer, warm hugs, and if you have kids – crappy gifts from relatives. Wait! Before you head to the mall and stock up on useless candy, consider this: a single ear tunnel hanger can make a wonderful gift that will be appreciated well into the new year.

Here are several reasons why everyone who has ears should own at least one pair of ear tunnel hangers:

Why Ear Tunnel Hangers Makes Great Holiday Gifts

Why Ear Tunnel Hangers Makes Great Holiday Gifts

1) Holiday Decor

Are you sick of dreary winter scenes and bright, happy snowmen? These earrings will add some color to your holiday cheer. Just purchase a few strands of battery-operated LEDs from the craft store, connect them with wire and wrap them around your tunnels—instant festive flair.

2) More “Holiday Pop” Than A String Of Lights

If you’re more into modern décor, try wearing these on each side of a traditional strand of lights for a sort-of sleek look. The silver metal chain paired with the contrasting red bulbs will make any tree or house window pop out from miles away – guaranteed. No one else will have anything like it either.

3) Look Like Xmas Candy

Is it Christmas time already? You can wear these all year long, and no one will be the wiser. Bonus: they make great stocking stuffers for birthdays, Easter, Passover.

4) Stand Out From The Crowd

Forget about that boring “ugly Christmas sweater” your crazy aunt made you wear last year. The ear tunnel hangers are handmade using non-tarnishable stainless steel wire plus awesome vintage buttons. They’re unique and stylish without looking too hipster or trendy, perfect for impressing your friends.

5) No Worries If They Get Lost In The Snow

If your family members are snowboarders or snowshoers, or it’s just really cold out where you live, anything metal is bound to get cold and fall off. The best thing about ear tunnel hangers is that it’s no big deal if they get lost in the snow.

6) They’re 4 Gifts For The Price Of 1

You can give your family or friends four “gifts” with just one purchase:

  • an awesome pair of earrings
  • a strand of battery operated LED lights
  • some cool vintage buttons
  • everlasting holiday cheer.

7) They Only Take 15 Minutes To Make

If you want to impress people with your handmade holiday décor skills, just place an order on Etsy or craftsy.com, then take them out of the box when you get them back. Even if you have zero artistic ability, who cares? No one will be able to tell that you paid a local artisan just $25 for a whole set of the earring tunnels.

8) Earrings Are Timeless; These Don’t Have To Go Out Of Style

If you own one pair of ear tunnel hangers from this assortment, they’ll never go out of style and can be passed down from generation to generation. Plus, it’s way better than getting another ugly sweater or scarf. This is the only time it’s even okay to give someone jewelry as a holiday present without insulting them.


So next time your crazy aunt asks what you want for Christmas, just smile and say, “ear tunnel hangers.” They’re fun and practical and will break the monotony of those sweaters from grandma.

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