What is a Temp Agency? Know All About Temp Agencies

If You Want To Use A Staffing Agency, This Is The Answer To All Your Queries


What is a Temp Agency? Know All About Temp Agencies is today’s topic. For the past few decades, temp or temporary employment agencies (also called staffing agencies) provide work to companies and temporary workers.

These agencies have grown on a large scale to meet the growing needs of people all over the world. Their business philosophy is the same.

It is to provide a wide variety of business to a lot of talented people on a seasonal, temporary or temporary to hire basis.

Still don’t understand Temp agencies? Go through this guide to completely understand the concept…

What is a Temp Agency?

What is a Temp Agency? Know All About Temp Agencies

A Temp agency is basically a business firm that binds job seekers contracts (long-term or short-term) with different industries and companies.

The companies hire these agencies at their ease to save their time and utilizing their speed and expertise.

Benefits of using a Temp agency

Have you ever noticed that when you apply on a job board, where does your application goes? Yes, it gets lost in the sea of all the job requests from different applicants.

Well, Temp agencies deal with it in another way.  A temp agency like Scion Staffing gets your application right before a staffing manager.

You get feedback without a delay, which usually doesn’t happen when you apply yourself.

The company then helps you refine your resume and re-define your application professionally.

From the managers to the recruiters, everybody at the temp agency helps you to polish your skills.

What is the way to work with a Temp Agency?

A temp agency hires employees for the positions in any business. If you, as a business-man hire staff through a staffing agency, the procedure is listed below in a step-by-step list.


  • Employer reaches out to the Temp agency. The agency should specialize in your job specification. It includes the salary, responsibilities, and the number of desires employees.
  • The agency writes and publishes your business description and then advertises it. If they already have applications related to a certain job, they will reach out to the deserving candidate.
  • After receiving the applications, the staffing agency shortlists the candidates according to their qualifications and experience that fit-in the job. Before conducting an interview, the qualified candidates are introduced to the human resource department of your business.
  • The final decision is in the employer’s hand. He/she will decide to take the interview of the agency chosen candidate. It save s your time of going through publishing for your job and going through the countless applications.
  • The agency will handle the paperwork. They take care of all the things while hiring a person including taxes, contracts, or any payroll task.

Charges of a Temp agency

Most of the time, a staffing agency charge 25% to 100% of the employee’s pay. It is like, if an employee earns $10 per hour, then on a 50% markup, the hiring business will pay $15 per hour for the job.

If you are hiring a temporary worker for a permanent job, you might have to pay for the contract buying fee or filling for the position.

Misconception about Temp agencies

The biggest misconception about staffing agencies is that they are considered very expensive to hire. It is thought of as a wastage of money when you can do the job on your own with a little hassle.

It might look like that initially, but in the long run, a temp agency is surely going to save your hard-earned money. As you are investing your time and energy, even then with the burden of your work you fail to source competent employees.

The other misconception is that the employees at a staffing agency are not good enough as they were not hired anywhere else.

Well, this is not the case. As many people choose to work on a temporary or contractual basis rather than a permanent job. The reason might be they are aiming for something else or looking for a change.


In my opinion, temp agencies save your time and effort by reducing your work. The award-winning temp agencies like Scion Staffing does the job with the right method, experience, and the lucrative jobs, you were looking for. So friends we hope that you will enjoy our article What is a Temp Agency? Know All About Temp Agencies. Please give us your feedback in the comment section.


1: Are temp agencies worth it?

A: Yes, they are surely worth it as you save you hassle and time to find a competent employee.

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