What Is The Writing Process?

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about What Are The Steps Of The Writing Process? Everything you do requires a system, or you can say, you will go through a process to complete anything. And writing is not excluded from the list of things that need a process. In fact, a good writer is known to have a process they follow to achieve their writing quality.

What Are The Steps Of The Writing Process?

Each person’s writing process might differ, but there are some basic writing processes you can not avoid, and this is what many refer to as the writing process. If you are not used to following these processes, you should contact US essay writing services with a team of professional academic writers.

A writing process is the order of physical and mental steps a person takes to complete a writing exercise. The process involves using physical tools, brain-racking, and external resources.

What Are The Steps Of The Writing Process?

These are the basic writing steps you should do to achieve a good result in your essay writing or any other form of writing.


Before you start your article, you need to map a plan of what you will do and how you intend to do it. If you go straight into writing without making plans or prewriting, you might spend more time than you should.

In your prewriting, check out the topic and scribble what you know about it and what you think it should be about. Write out the article’s intent, what type of writing it is, and what tone it would require.

By the time you are done with the prewriting, you should have an idea of what you are going into, how much time you might spend on it, and where to go for information.

If you were not given a topic, this is where you research what topic you will write about, doing little research to see if you will find it easy to write the topic, and creating a rough sketch of what will be in the article.

Draft An Outline

One of the most important writing process steps is creating an outline for your work. All types of writing will require an outline though some may be more detailed than others. An outline is a list of headings or subheadings you will write about in your essay.

The outline makes your writing more structured. You will know to focus on the main idea and organize the other ideas well in their order of importance to the main idea. Writing an outline does not mean you can not change the structure as you write, but it makes it easier to move things around since you already know what you want to write about.

Use bullet points or numbering to make it easier to create your structure or outline; then, you can summarize each idea of the headings under their bullet points.


Now is the time to know more about what you will be writing about. The research you did while prewriting should contain a list of places where you can find information, a list of credible sources for statistics, and facts about the topic.

Since you know where to get information, go there and do intense research on the topic and be ready to pen down some things.


Drafting sometimes goes together with researching because as you find necessary information, you should write it down, which is what drafting is about. Drafting is your first writing attempt, so it will not be perfect, you will need to review it later, but it is what helps you form the complete paper.

Another advantage of writing a draft is being flexible; you can start by writing the conclusion before moving to a subheading and then going back to the introduction. It does not matter how you go about it as long as ideas flow.

In this step, you must write everything you can about the topic. Because after this, you are just making some revisions and little or no research. So, check out your outline and write all there is to write about the topic.

Once you have completed everything written in the outline and written everything you can about the topic, you can move on to the next stage.

Revise The Draft

Now, you are getting closer to the end, which means it is getting more serious. You have to read over the first draft and redraft, rearrange, add, and remove things from it. If you are not close to your deadline, it is best to leave it for a while and come back to review it. By the next time, you will have fresh ideas and be able to view them objectively, just like from a new perspective.

If you have someone who can help, you can give them to help you review your points. Check if some words are redundant, some statements are unclear, and arguments are illogical. Also, some parts might require you to expound on them, do so without hesitation.

And since you just wrote statements and ideas before, you will have to turn them into paragraphs. When doing this, ensure you add enough transition words.

Then, when you are done with your first revision, go over it again. Read it out loud, and listen to how each sentence sounds. Did you overuse a word? Are you satisfied with the tone, transition, and ideas?  Revise it until you are satisfied with each part.

Edit And Proofread

If everything is in place with the article, all that is left is checking the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You should read through and see if you can spot any mistakes, check if the words are correctly used and if it is in the correct format. In the academic writing process, you must follow the format you started with until the end.

After you are done editing yourself, you can use external tools for cross-checking and ensuring you are on track.


Then the extras you must do are formatting, making your work look attractive, and highlighting what you should do. Reference the sites you used, and quote the internal text citations. However, all these will depend on the format you use. So, use the format you were given or ask the lecturer which format you should use (if you were not provided). 

If you do not know about the formats, check them out online, use some samples as guides, and ask an experienced person to check your work when you are done.

Writing a worthy essay takes a lot, but it gets easy with the right process. Follow the writing process diligently, and you will find yourself writing the article with ease. If you do not have time to go through the process, you can contact professional writing services to help you; you will get the same or a better result.

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