The Ultimate Guide That Will Decrease The Time You Spend On Procrastination

The Ultimate Guide That Will Decrease The Time You Spend On Procrastination is our today’s topic. New technologies, television, the apparent insistence on attention from our loved ones, and unjustified tiredness are the perfect excuses to get carried away by procrastination. And with this I do not mean that it is wrong to let ourselves be carried away by leisure for a while, the problem lies in the fact that we do it at times to work, study and attend to important commitments.

The Ultimate Guide That Will Decrease The Time You Spend On Procrastination

It is nothing more than an act of devaluation. Yes, of feeling that what we have in front of us is too much for us or that it is too good to be true, but it turns out that we can and that it is definitely worth it.

The feeling of finishing something you started and going from strength to strength, even if it is slow, is a safe and satisfying path. That is why I want to share with you what I have done lately to avoid procrastination. And I would also like to share with you a good online service where you can find the latest reviews on the writing services and choose the best for your needs. You can start from payforessay review.

The Five-Second Rule

This rule has nothing to do with the cookie you dropped and then quickly picked up to eat it, but rather an exercise to train your brain to do what you HAVE to do once and for all. The first time I heard about this technique was about three months ago and I can confirm that it works. Counting down from five to one was what it took for Mel Robbins to get out of bed, get a job and help his family out of bankruptcy.

She explains that your mind is still very primitive and not designed for success but survival, so when it’s under stress it tends to reject or run away from that which “endangers” it, but apparently, if we take into account regressive as if it were a rocket about to take off, the brain cuts the primitive link and stops procrastinating.

Every time I find myself mired in useless habits that slow me down or don’t add meaning to my purpose for the day, I count: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and get up. It works every time!

Avoid Other Commitments

If you want to focus on your projects and stop procrastinating, you have to avoid other commitments. And when I refer to “others”, I mean those things that add nothing and make your time too complicated: from spending time with people who don’t have the same ambitions as you or who are very negative, to jobs and favors that drain your energy.

It turns out that when you feel like you have too many commitments, it becomes harder to focus and you’re more likely to give up before you even try. Professional procrastinators never have time for themselves, but they do have time for everything else. By the way, check out to see for other students cope with procrastination. 

Other commitments that interrupt the schedule you’ve set for yourself and don’t fit into a timeline, but instead appear out of nowhere and unwisely, are not worth dealing with. Don’t let those occupations become the perfect excuse to take a break from your goals.

Simplify Decision Making

Exploring the habits of successful people, I came across a contradictory truth: the fewer decisions you make in the day, the easier it is to focus on what matters. By simplifying your work methods and your lifestyle, you will be saving time and physical and brain energy to do what you HAVE to do. And also if you would need any help with your written assignments TopEssayBrands will help you to find the needed service. 

Listening To Instrumental Music

Like the five-second rule, when I listen to instrumental music, I know I have to get to work and stop procrastinating right away. Once I sit down in front of the computer, I search YouTube for instrumental music to increase productivity in the office and there is no stopping me.

I know that when that music is playing there is no going back. Some last a few hours and others at least 40 minutes. I use each playlist as a timer for the tasks I have to accomplish while they are playing. My level of concentration is better, and it works something like the Mozart effect.

You might also find it helpful to look up some 25-minute-long lists if you want to be guided by the effective Pomodoro Technique that can make you more productive.

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