The Pros And Cons Of Living In A Master Planned Community

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about The Pros And Cons Of Living In A Master Planned Community. A long time ago people lived in villages. There were big cities, but most people lived in the country around a small town center that had everything that they needed. Those were the days when people knew their neighbors and they didn’t have to travel far to fulfill their daily needs.

What Are The Master Planned Community Pros And Cons

Now, village life is making a comeback. Only this time around they call it a master-planned community. Instead of living in a suburb and having to commute to the city to get the things you need and want, you can live in an area that has shopping, entertainment, and possibly even a job nearby so you have a self-contained little community.

Suburbs are no longer what people are looking for so the master-planned community is gaining popularity. If you are looking for a new home then keep in mind a master-planned community. In this article, we will go over what a master-planned community actually is and then talk about the pros and cons when living in one.

What Is A Master Planned Community?

If you are familiar with a 55+ community then you are already familiar with a master-planned community. The only difference is that you can be any age and in any situation to be able to live in one.

They are usually very big complexes in suburban or rural areas. Which include a lot of amenities for the residents to enjoy. There is almost always a golf course, playgrounds, pool, and community center. In some of these communities, the grounds are landscaped for you so your fees pay for things like mowing and trimming of your yard.

It’s not exactly a subdivision that you typically find in a suburb. These are separate communities that are exclusive to the people living in them. The shopping center and all of the activities are limited to residents of the community and their guests.

Arizona real estate is trending toward these types of communities as people are not looking for endless suburbs with no heart and soul. Bedroom communities that have nothing going on forcing people to have to drive to the nearest big city for activities and shopping which creates a sort of cultural dead zone in those neighborhoods. Instead, people are opting for a situation like a master-planned community.

The Pros And Cons Of Living In A Master Planned Community

Pros Of Living In A Master Planned Community

There are a lot of reasons to love living in a modern-day version of a village. In this section, we will go over some of the advantages.

Nearby Conveniences

Since the community is designed specifically for modern life, it has everything you could ask for all within its borders. Unlike suburbs that just seem to sprawl endlessly, a master-planned community is self-contained. This means you can walk or bike to most of the things you need. There is usually a shopping center so you can stock up on food, restaurants, coffee shops, and even a community center.

Rather than needing to get in your car to do everything including going to a post office, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Sense Of Community

Just like in a village, everybody knows everybody in these communities. There are so many activities that put you close to the people that live in the residence that you can really get to know people without putting in a huge effort.

When you see the same people on a regular basis then it becomes easy to have a ready-made social life. You’ll meet on the golf course, at the community center, and likely even just by strolling around the grounds.

It’s Very Safe

These residences have a perimeter that can’t be entered by just anybody. It is very safe. Visitors need to be checked in at a central checkpoint with a guard. There is also usually a security company that patrols the grounds to make sure everything is normal.

There are no break-ins, and people can wander around without any fear of being robbed.

They’re Very Pretty

These communities are almost always meticulously landscaped. It is part of the HOA fees, so the money gets spent on keeping the grounds looking pretty and organized. There is an effort to keep flowers and trees manicured and orderly.

In many cases, these residences are situated in very beautiful areas with stunning natural landscapes nearby. You could be at the foot of some mountains, by the sea or in a desert that gives you some very nice views.

Cons To Living In A Master Planned Community

Though many people that live in these complexes love it, it may not be for everybody. These are some of the things that may put you off wanting to live in one.

It’s Not Always Convenient

Not all of these communities actually provide everything that the residents need. Which means you may be traveling off-premises more than you had hoped. Since some of them can be located in a rural area, this may involve a bit of travel time to get to supermarkets or banks.

They’re Expensive

All of the convenience, landscaping, activities, and security can add up to hefty HOA expenses every month. While some look at it as money well spent, if you’re on a budget then this may stretch it.

You’ll need to factor in the money spent on all the extras that are provided by the community.

It Can Be A Hassle Having Visitors

Chances are high that the location of the community is not going to be near where your friends and family are. They may chafe at having to travel to you frequently. Not only that but having to sign them in and add them to guest lists for things like the community center can be off-putting. Some really don’t like seeing the security guards patrolling the area either as it seems kind of weird to have to be kept safe like that.

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