Joe Fraser Enthralls Audience With Spectacular Performance 

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about Joe Fraser Enthralls Audience With Spectacular Performance. The Commonwealth Games are perhaps the most popular multi-sports events after the Olympic Games.

Often referred to as the Friendly Games as well, it is an event where the nations of the Commonwealth participate, and try to win the maximum number of medals. With top-notch athletes on board, each team tries to win the maximum number of events in the tournament.

Joe Fraser Enthralls Audience With Spectacular Performance 

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At the Commonwealth Games Birmingham this year,  countries have participated, and till now, all the events have been super competitive. But one player who has managed to garner the attention, and the respect of the whole world is Joe Fraser, the gymnast from England. Joe Fraser is no average Joe, as his performance in the Commonwealth Games 2022 so far has revealed. 

Joe Fraser Enthralls Audience With Spectacular Performance

Joe Fraser, 23, is one of England’s leading gymnasts. In 2019, he became the first World champion on parallel bars, and he is the first and the only British gymnast who won a gold on that apparatus. 

Joe Fraser ruptured his appendix five weeks before the event, and had to get an emergency operation. To make matters worse, in the fortnight before he had to perform at the Commonwealth Games, his foot got fractured as well. People thought he would be unable to perform at the Games, but perform he did, and how.

With his leg fractured, he could not participate in all the gymnastic events, so he had only got a few chances at the gold medal. He was out of the floor events, to put less strain on his fractured foot, and only participated in the events with the pommel horse and parallel bars apparatus. 

He announced this decision to the people through his social media. He was hoping to have a quick recovery so he could compete in all the events, but luck did not seem to be on his side, so he decided to drop the floor events.

He said that it was the thought of being able to perform in front of a home crowd that kept him motivated. Naturally, the crowd didn’t disappoint. Some of the largest cheers from the crowds were reserved for this Birmingham boy who was competing against all odds. 

As he performed on his home ground, the stadium erupted into cheers for this man, who not only defeated the other players, but his own passion as well. His victory was a joyous occasion, and his spectacular performance, along with his teammates, James Hall, Courtney Tulloch, Giarnni Regini-Moran and Jake Jarman, to secure the gold in the gymnastics team event. Together, they were able to defend England’s gymnastics crown, by winning the event for the time in a row now.

The 23-year-old athlete showered praises on his teammates and said he wouldn’t even have qualified if it were not for them. He shared how he tried his best to recover from the appendix operation, but the fracture deeply affected him- he called it the ‘biggest low’ of his career, but he couldn’t back off from the participation, because he had a lot riding on him. Even though he couldn’t participate in all of the events, he is looking forward to bagging a few more gold medals in his bag. With four individual apparatus events still left, it would not be a surprise if he adds a few more medals to his haul. 

Rhys McClenaghan, from Northern Ireland, missed the gold medal by a mere 0.700 points. Initially, it seemed that McClenaghan would be taking the medal home since Fraser seemed to be heavily injured. But he surprised the crowds by scoring 14.833 with his routine. People think that Rhys attempted a routine that was too simple for the Commonwealth Games, which is the reason he could only score 14.133 for the event. 

The humble athlete dedicated his gold medal to Max Whitlock, his teammate, who was the champion at the Tokyo 2020 for the event. Since Whitlock didn’t compete in the Commonwealth event, Fraser remarked that the medal was for Max. So not only do we have a man burning with passion and courage, but he is humble as well. Clearly, Joe Fraser is destined for great things, and this is just the beginning. People will be watching this 23 year old gymnast closely to see what the future holds. 


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