How To Use Manometers Accurately

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about How To Use Manometers Accurately? A manometer is a device used for measuring the difference in pressure between two gases. A standard manometer comes with a U-shaped tube that is filled either with liquid or mercury, with the long sides of the tube featuring a measuring scale that is marked off via millimeters. 

How Do You Accurately Use A Manometer?

The connection of a gas line to a side of the manometer results in it shifting and the height difference of the liquid on both sides are then used for the calculation of the pressure of the gas line

How Do You Accurately Use A Manometer?

The left side of the tube on the manometer should be connected to a pressure test valve, and depending on the type of manometer that you may be able to use the connector tubes or it not, they should be removed and the tube on the item that is actually being tested can be used instead if they have one. You should ensure that the liquid in the U-tube is no longer in motion before you begin measuring. 

The height of the liquid that is in the left tube needs to be recorded – if the height has lowered then this is a positive measurement. However, if the liquid is even higher than it was to start with then the measurement is negative. 

It is important to keep in mind the fact that when you are recording the height of the liquid in the right tube, this will always be a positive measurement regardless of the rising or falling of the liquid. 

The height of the right tube should be subtracted from that of the left tube. You will then be able to tell the shift in height of the liquid. The height difference can then be used to calculate the difference in pressure. The density of the liquid should be specific to the particular manometer that is being used. 

Reading The Manometer

Manometers measure pressure with the use of a column of liquid. A manometer with a U-tube filled with liquid means that if the two ends of the tube have different pressures, the liquid will shift away from the larger pressure source. One side of the tube should always be open to the air in order to make an accurate reading, with the other side connected to a positive pressure source. 

The distance between the current level of the liquid on one side its zero point, which will usually be displayed on a mark on the tube, should be measured. This distance should be multiplied by two as the surface of the right side liquid will go down the same distance as the left one will go up, meaning that the total distance of the movement of the liquid will be double that of the movement that is measured on one side. 

A standard manometer is used for the purpose of measuring pressure within a container by making comparisons with normal atmospheric pressure and is the simplest of all pressure measurement devices. 

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