What Is The Global Average Java Software Developer Salary?

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about What Is The Global Average Java Software Developer Salary? While an increase in job listings and pay is wonderful news for ambitious programmers, companies are battling to win the talent war, and startups seldom have the cash to maintain a staff of experienced US-based specialists.

To keep creating great products, business owners have discovered a new trump card: hiring talent from other countries. The wage disparity between the world’s most expensive tech destinations, such as the United States and Western Europe, and more affordable regions, such as Eastern Europe and Asia is significant.

We will compare Java software developer wages throughout the globe in this article to provide company owners with a clear grasp of how to find inexpensive and talented programming talent.

Global Average Java Software Developer Salary 2022

What Is The Global Average Java Software Developer Salary?

What Factors Most Influence A Java Developer’s Salary?

Java developer salaries vary widely because the programming language has numerous applications in a wide range of software. Some Java specializations, expertise, and combinations of the larger technology stacks are more sought after or uncommon than others. That implies that the pay of two Java developers may differ significantly, even if both are considered senior.

Some of the most important factors influencing a Java developer’s salary are:

  • Expertise level
  • Java is utilized in many different types of software development
  • Years of expertise
  • Broader tech stack – knowledge of other programming languages and technologies
  • Location
  • Language skills 

Because of its versatility and vast variety of applications, Java may be considered one of the foundational programming languages on which contemporary software development is based. Java is widely used in a variety of software areas, the most prevalent of which are:

  • Web-based applications
  • Applications for the cloud
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • Business applications
  • Internet of Things and embedded systems
  • Games
  • Chatbots

Salary Of A Software Developer On A Global Scale

To be clear, there is no standard answer to the question “how much does a software engineer make?” Average wages in leading IT areas, such as Silicon Valley, are blown out of proportion and may reach up to $120,000 per year.

In other areas, a company owner would not have trouble finding a talented programmer at $30,000 per year. Let’s look at the annual wages of programmers in the most popular areas for sourcing tech expertise.

North America

American and Canadian software programmers are somewhat costly to acquire – the average annual salary in North America is roughly $76,500.

When employing developers in the United States, company owners should keep in mind that the cost of onboarding a local programmer varies greatly by state.

  • Junior Java developer in the USA – 70000$
  • Middle Java developer – 110000$
  • Senior Java developer – 160000$

Western Europe

Western Europe has three major IT hubs: London, Paris, and Berlin. Although developer rates in these places are lower than those in the United States, it is still difficult to locate inexpensive talent in this region.

  • In Germany junior developer gets $43,500, middle developer – $57,600, Senior developer – $76,500
  • United Kingdom – $28,500(junior), $40,100(middle), $63,500(senior)
  • France – $36,500(junior), $48,000(middle), $68,200(senior)


Asia has been one of the most attractive outsourcing countries for java software development services due to its quick technology improvements and increasing population. The business climate in Southeast Asian locations is rapidly improving.

  • China – $29,700(junior), $42,000(middle), $52,700(senior)
  • Japan – $67,500(junior), $96,800(middle), $120,000(senior)
  • Vietnam $14,700(junior), $20,700(middle), $26,000(senior)

Eastern Europe

If a company owner expands their hunt for talent to the East of the continent, they will be in for some good news: Eastern European developers are far less expensive than their Western counterparts. When compared to other locations throughout the globe, developers from Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova have the best balanced quality-price ratio.

  • Poland – $26,500(junior), $37,900(middle), $47,000(senior)
  • Ukraine – $8,400(junior), $24,000(middle), $43,320(senior)
  • Moldova -$5,500(junior), $7,200(middle), $18,000(senior)

Offshore Java Development In Ukraine Is An Excellent Option

Java is a popular programming language used by developers all around the globe. It was one of the major languages 15 years ago, and it is still one of them now. Java is a wonderful choice for your project since it has many helpful tools and it is simple to locate competent SW developers and highly experienced Java developers all around the globe. By the way, if you need to locate a Java programmer, it is simpler to save money by working with offshore firms in Ukraine.

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