Countries Which Love Counter Strike Global Offensive

Countries Which Love Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a game enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of passionate players right around the world, breaking its own record by surpassing one million concurrent users earlier this year. However, it’s clear that certain parts of the world have taken to the game more than others.

Here are some of the countries that love Counter Strike Global Offensive the most.

Counter Strike Global Offensive


Sweden has the honor of saying that it has given the world not one of the greatest sides in Counter-Strike history, but two of them. The rivalry between Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas is still one of the fiercest in the game right now but helped give birth to the entire competitive scene in the game as both sides pushed each other to the limit and perfected new tactics and strategies to give themselves the edge.

Ninjas in Pyjamas became constant favorites in CS:GO betting markets around the world after carving out one of the most impressive streaks in the game’s history when they went 87-0 on Nuke, whereas Fnatic is the game’s second most successful side with three Major Championships under their belt, including two in one year back in 2015 under Pronax.

Though they might not be at the top table thanks to the enforced online era on the game, these two sides are still both absolutely giant in how they’re seen both inside and outside of Sweden.


France has had a long and proud history in Counter Strike Global Offensive, constantly turning out top tier teams at every major event over the years. From the likes of Shox, NBK, Zywhoo, and Misutaa, there just seems to be a constant turnstile of young emerging talent coming out of the region that never fails to excite the community, proving that grassroots French CS is amongst the best in the world.

There have been numerous rivalries that have emerged from France over the years, both in terms of org v org and player v player, adding a little extra spice to the game. NBK and Shox have been the most notable over the years, however, it’s undeniable that both these players have plenty of talent to justify such an intense series of confrontations.


Brazilian CS might have fallen on harder times recently, with all the controversies and disappointments surrounding the previous MiBR line up dragging its proud heritage through the dirt especially. However, the level of attention it has earned throughout the community and the general feeling of disappointment from fans of the game that such a scene could get so low should be a testament to just how beloved the game is over that part of the world.

The era of Fallen, Luminosity, and SK Gaming’s run to back-to-back Major Championship wins was one of the most fairytale stories CS:GO has ever thrown up, and everyone involved with the game wants to see such a passionate fanbase represented well again.


When you’re a country that has taken understanding the complex ins and outs of Esports better than most, it should come as no surprise that you end up being the ones who birthed the best side of the Counter-Strike world has ever seen.

Danish side Astralis has won a record four Major Championships over the course of their history, with three of those coming back to back, and have helped revolutionize the Esports sector with groundbreaking introductions of sports psychology, better training facilities, and a whole host of other partners and sponsorships to help nurture their talent.

If you’re looking for a country that is the leading light in developing both a game and an entire industry, Denmark is definitely your go-to.

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