Best Teaching Principles For Enhancing The Online Teaching 

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Best Teaching Principles For Enhancing The Online Teaching. Teaching principles for online teaching are slightly different from traditional classroom teaching. With advancements and more developments in the educational field, modifications in the teaching principles have also occurred.

Best Teaching Principles For Enhancing The Online Teaching 

Adapting and following the right teaching principles for the effective delivery of education is very important. Making the online teaching environment best and helpful for the learners, teachers should understand and follow the right practices and procedures in this regard. When teaching an English Course online, it’s important to still provide a teaching environment that helps both the learners and teachers as well as follow the right practices and procedures.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Become An Online Teacher?

For being an online teacher, you need the same degrees as a traditional teacher. Passing your twelfth standard of schooling is compulsory. Other than completing senior secondary education, you need a degree of bachelor’s in education ( B.Ed ).

Other than this, teaching the higher classes, a graduation degree is required for teaching the elementary classes, and post-graduation in any academic subject of your choice is also beneficial for teaching senior secondary classes of the educational institutions. 

You can also give competitive teaching exams such as CTET  ( central teacher eligibility test). Government teaching institutions, as well as some private teaching institutions, consider the marks of teaching exams for the recruitment of the teachers. In this digital era, online teaching platforms are growing at a rapid pace, and therefore the jobs and recruitment of teachers are also growing. 

Best Teaching Principles: Must Be Followed By The Online Teachers.

Proper Communication With The Students.

Maintaining proper communication with the students is very important and it is the main principle that teachers should follow while online teaching. The better the interactions and continuous communication between the teaching faculty and the learners, the more effective the teaching and learning classes are.

This is a teaching principle that is followed in all the teaching platforms whether traditional or modern. Private and public types of communications should be carried. This means individually connecting to the students with

their respective mail addresses or through chatting via educational apps or WhatsApp and other such applications. Public communication means connecting and talking to the students during online classes. This helps in making the classes engaging and attractive. 

Healthy discussion practice is also very beneficial for the learners. Only when a teacher is teaching and students are listening doesn’t complete the process of two-way communication. Speaking and sharing views from both sides is important. To teach online effectively teachers must follow and practice this principle in their teaching process. 

Building Collaboration And Community

As an effective online instructor, you should encourage and follow the process of building collaboration and community among the learners. In traditional classrooms, meeting each other and maintaining face-to-face interactions are possible.

To maintain such interaction and communication among the learners themselves, teachers should include the activities which will help in building a community, a sense of collaboration between the learners and with themselves too. For this teachers can do the following: 

  • Interacting with the students and developing a fun and enjoyable environment where they can share and can open up with you easily. 
  • Solving the class problems and subjects issues together that is students and teachers discussing properly before coming to a conclusion and final decision. 
  • Teachers can give students the opportunities to socialize and interact with one another properly. Giving time for group discussions, debates, group activities, question-answer rounds, etc are some activities which can enhance socialization. To teach online effectively, teachers must follow the principle of promoting collaboration and integrity among learners. 

Giving Timely Feedback

Response and feedback are a must principle that every teacher should adopt for online teaching platforms. Since face-to-face interactions are not possible, giving timely and appropriate feedback and suggestions to the students is very essential.

Giving timely feedback can be properly achieved on online teaching platforms as well. You can track the assignments and performance of the students and can give individual responses to them. After receiving the submitted files and work, teachers can give immediate feedback via email addresses and personal messaging.

 Also, keep updating them before the deadlines so that they submit the work on time. Teachers should focus on giving as quick a response as possible. This will help students to improvise and enhance their performance at the earliest rate. This will also increase the quality of education delivered and received by the teachers and the students respectively. 

Promote The Habit Of Active Learning

The main objective of every teacher is to enhance the effective growth of the students. Passive forms of teaching and learning are not suitable for the proper growth and development of the learners. To enhance the academic performance and other skills of the learners, practicing and promoting active learning is very important.

For this, teachers should encourage students to participate actively in the classes. This will help them to be more involved in their studies. Also, to make learning more interesting, teachers should give real-life examples and

share their existing experiences with the learners. Fun activities such as quizzes, puzzles, riddles, conducting group discussions, recitations, and debates can also be conducted. 


The above-mentioned teaching principles when adopted and followed by the teachers on an online teaching platform will help to achieve effective delivery of education. To make an online teaching environment more successful, teachers must facilitate these teaching principles. By integrating these principles in your ways and other methods of teaching, imparting education will be enhanced and it will be more helpful to the learners. Hope you enjoy reading our article Best Teaching Principles For Enhancing The Online Teaching.


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