How Do You Add Color to White Tissue Paper Coloring

How Do You Add Color to White Tissue Paper Coloring?

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about How Do You Add Color to White Tissue Paper Coloring. If you are looking for white tissue paper but you would like to create excitement about your gift, you can simply add color to the white paper you purchase. A mix of white and other colors will create a variation and send the receiver’s imagination and anticipation racing.

How Do You Add Color to White Tissue Paper Coloring

It is not complicated to color white tissue paper. With a few items, you would have different colors and designs to suit your need. Just ensure that when you are looking for white tissue paper, you purchase good quality from a trusted supplier.

What do You need?

That you need may depend on how you intend to color the paper. If you want to have just a single color, then you will not need more than some food color or water paint and a spray bottle. On the other hand, if you intend to have different designs, then you will need a stencil. You can choose to buy readymade designs or you can design your own. But in general, this is what you would need during White Tissue Paper Coloring.

– Tissue paper

– Food color/paint

– Spray bottle

– Stencils

– Marker/crayon

– Old newspaper

– Box cutter

Prepare Stencil

If you have decided to have your original designs, then you need to prepare the stencil. Hopefully, you are good at design, otherwise, you will end up with “abstract art” on your tissue paper and I mean that in a bad way.

Using a crayon or a marker, draw the design you plan to use on the stencil. You can get inspiration from different websites if you do not have a creative idea of your own. You can even print out the designs and trace them onto your stencil. The easiest designs would be shapes, but if you really want to impress then designs from nature would be wonderful.

Once the design is done, then you can use a box cutter to cut along the edges of your design. Make sure you have a steady hand to avoid cutting out of line or crooked designs. When the cutting is done, then the hardest part is complete.

You could skip all this if you just bought stencils. You can order for particular designs and all you have to do is wait for it to be delivered.

Setup the Work Area

Did you wonder why you need an old newspaper? Well, it is not so that you can read it. Use the paper to set up your work area. You are going to be dealing with paint of color and you do not want to have another task of cleaning up when you are done.

Lay the old newspaper over the surface where you will be working. It is a good idea to use more than one layer just in case there is a spill. Also, ensure there are no items around that may get covered in paint. Keep your work area clear of any clutter.

Prepare the Paint

You can choose to use water paint or food color, those are the 2 common and easiest to find coloring solutions. It may take some knowledge of secondary and primary colors to get the color you want. Sometimes you need to mix 2 colors to get a secondary color for White Tissue Paper Coloring, but that is a topic for another day.

For now, we will assume you know how to mix the colors so pour the colors into a spray bottle and add a bit of water. Shake the spray bottle to mix the water and the color.

Spray the Tissue

Place a sheet of tissue paper on the work surface and then place the stencil over the tissue. Make sure that the stencil covers the paper evenly and the design is positioned the way you intend for it to be printed over the tissue.

Spray the paint over the stencil, concentrating on the exposed area that has the design. The paint should be sprayed evenly. When the exposed area(s) is covered in paint, remove the stencil, and observe your work. If you are happy with it, leave it to dry.

If on the other hand you just want to have one color without a design, you do not need to have stencils. Simply place the tissue paper on the work surface and then evenly spray the paint until the whole paper is covered in the new color. Sometimes you may have to spray 2 layers to make the shade darker.

Repeat the process with all the other sheets of white tissue paper and then let them dry. When you are done, clear the work area. The old newspaper should have done its job so all you need to do is collect it and throw away.

For some people, it may take a few sheets of paper before you get the hang of it. Do not be discouraged, just try again until it looks perfect to White Tissue Paper Coloring. Good luck

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