5 Attributes Of A Quality Watch 

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the 5 Attributes Of A Quality Watch. An excellent quality watch stays longer on your wrists, serving you the crucial purpose of telling the time. Not all glittery wristwatches are high-end since the market is flooded with substandard watches disguising as authentic ones.

5 Attributes Of A Quality Watch 

Therefore, it’s easy to be duped by appearances at an initial glance. When shopping for one, it’s prudent that you scrutinize the quality and walk away with a legitimate top-notch watch. Here are the attributes of a good quality watch you should look for.

Material Of The Watch

A watch’s material dictates its durability and aesthetic appeal, and choosing the best material is essential. But again, it all comes down to your preferences and the depths of your pockets. An authentic leather or crocodile skin watch strap like the Patek Philippe Calatrava watches is the best bet for durability and quality. However, stainless steel watch materials are also a good grasp of affordable, long-lasting quality.

These materials defy odds against early tear and meet the expectations of top-quality watches at affordable costs. Gold and titanium are also the best materials in terms of durability and aesthetics if it calls for them.


You’d hate to patch a heavy watch on your wrists that makes you uncomfortable. The goal of having a wristwatch is to tell time while worrying less about the trouble of carrying one around. A lighter wristwatch fits this preference and feels cozy. Stainless steel watches or crocodile skin and authentic leather watches such as Patek Philippe Calatrava watches are usually light and their weight unnoticeable.

Water-Resistant Quality

Not every day is sunny, and you may need to tell the time when the weather is unfitting. Besides, you may accidentally bring your watch into contact with water, which can harm its inner components. Therefore, getting a quality water-resistant watch sweeps away the constant worry of spoiling it when it comes in contact with any form of moisture.

Some watches also have a high tolerance to water depths and can submerge without getting spoiled. It would be demeaning if you can’t use your watch during typical rainy days or having to worry about it getting spoiled by moisture.

Type Of Watch Glass

Today’s wristwatch market is full of low-quality watches with subpar display glasses that easily scratch or break. Sapphire glass watches are incredible, but acrylic glass or mineral glass watches are also okay. However, with vigorous use, acrylic glass watches tend to scratch.

Besides, these watches give misty displays in damp conditions and can be difficult to tell the time. For the best shot of quality, sapphire glass watches are ideal since they don’t easily scratch even when used in vigor. In addition, their displays are always clear despite the ambient conditions.

Accuracy Of The Watch

Of course, an accurate watch tells time precisely. Accuracy relies on a few factors, including the temperature, frequency of adjustment, and beat rate. Quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical ones, with a +/-1 seconds delay in a day.

Besides, they are less susceptible to the different factors that undermine accuracy. Rarely a chance, high magnetic fields, and x-ray beams affect their accuracy, but they should be fine when you don’t expose them to these beams.


Good quality watches have typical attributes that segregate them from subpar watches. However, it takes a keen eye to find one. Patek Philippe Calatrava watches are your best bet on quality, but there’s still a wide array of quality watches you can go for.

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