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What To Do If Your Pinterest Account Is Suspended

What to do if your Pinterest Account is Suspended

What to do if your Pinterest Account is Suspended

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about What to do if your Pinterest Account is Suspended. At times, your Pinterest account can be suspended due to a violation of their rules of engagement.

What to do if your Pinterest Account is Suspended

But at other times, it can be a mistake, and since it can happen to everyone, you can look for a way of getting out of this “Pinterest jail” as bloggers commonly refer to.

Can Your Account Get Banned on Pinterest?

If you’re a content creator at Pinterest, then you’ll lose more if your account is banned than a regular user.

Content creators refer to those with a blog, website, Instagram, and YouTube account. Pinterest helps you to promote your content on these platforms and drive more traffic towards your site.

If the Pinterest account of a regular user is banned from Pinterest, then he may only lose the images and boards saved in the account in the worst case.

And he can still create an account from scratch, and the Pinterest approve it.

But it’s a content creator, then Pinterest will blacklist their domain name and account, and they won’t be able to create a new account with this platform.

What To Do If Your Pinterest Account Is Suspended?

If you notice that you cannot access your Pinterest account and there is a mail telling you the account has been suspended, then there is no reason to worry if you’re not a spammer.

Therefore, take a deep breath as your account is likely to be reinstated. But be ready to send multiple emails and to wait for up to ten business days.

From my experience, I have seen many suspended Pinterest accounts being suspended, and their owners were in constant communication with the Pinterest team.

For instance, if you are in the “promoted pins” field, then look for a representative you can talk to.

Also, note that there are two types of suspension; these are account suspension and blocked account. In account suspension, you won’t enjoy any account access, but your links will still be active and therefore continue generating traffic to your blog.

For a blocked account, users will be able to locate you on the platform, and you will enjoy unlimited account access, but all the links will be inactivated.

Therefore, there’ll be no traffic to your site. By identifying the type of suspension, you’ll know the right channels and the emails to craft to the support team.

How To Contact Support

After determining the type of account suspension in your hands, it’s time to seek help from Pinterest. Navigate to “Pinterest Help Desk,” then choose “Appeal”. Now, select the type of suspension applied to your account then fill the help form. Ensure the form is correctly filled then submit.

An alternative option would be emailing Pinterest via this same help desk then filling the contact request form in their site.

At times they may send an automated response, or they could include the name of the help agent at the bottom.

Using the sender email, explain in detail why you are writing to them on why they should reinstate your account.

There is also a “Pinterest Business Community Forum,” where you can seek help to reinstate your suspended account.

In case the help desk doesn’t bring any positive results, then try this forum.

And when you are writing to Pinterest, then always be persistent to enable you to achieve your goal.

Also, note that they don’t give replies on weekends, and it may take several days before they respond to your email. The best thing to do is to try the three avenues of help and wait for a response from each.

This process will be much frustrating, but persistence and regular emails will help. On the emails, explain to them that you’re not a spammer.

Pinterest also needs you on the platform, and they’ll not suspend your account for flimsy reasons. Typically, it will take 7-10 days to get your account reinstated.

How To Prevent Your Pinterest Account From Being Suspended?

Read and familiarize yourself with the site’s content policies

Avoid spam especially if you run group boards

Use a business account if you’re a content creator

Pinterest suspended account is one of the worst news for content creators since the platform helps them drive more traffic to their site and promote their products.

But luckily, if your Pinterest Account is Suspended, then there are ways of contacting Pinterest to make them reinstate your account.

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