What Happened To The Strong Girl Bong Soon Cast?

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the What Happened To The Strong Girl Bong Soon Cast? If you haven’t seen Strong Girl Bong Soon yet then what are you waiting for? Even though it was released back in 2017, it still remains to be one of the most popular k-dramas. It was so popular that it was able to break a lot of rating records. And now fans are clamoring for a second season. The reason why the series became so popular is that it was able to mix drama and comedy well. If you’re a fan of the series, then you probably want to know what happened to the Strong Girl Bong Soon cast. This article will give you an update on the actors who played major roles in the series.

What Happened To The Strong Girl Bong Soon Cast?

What Happened To The Strong Girl Bong Soon Cast?

Park Bo Young

Let’s start with the actor who plays the role of Do Bong Soon, who is none other than Park Bo Young. She is a very popular actor, not only in Korea but in other countries as well. She has a lot of dedicated fans. After starring on Strong Girl Bong Soon, she starred in a movie. She starred opposite Kim Young Kwang in the romantic film “On Your Wedding Day.” It’s about a man who finally gets a chance at a woman whom he always knew was the right one for him. The film was a huge success and it earned more than $21 million in the box office. Then in 2019, she starred in the television drama called “Abyss.” Unfortunately however, it was not as popular as Strong Girl Bong Soon. Park Bo Young has a new television drama this year called Doom At Your Service. It’s a fantasy series with a romantic twist. Be sure to check it out.

Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik plays An Min Hyuk, who is the love interest of Do Bong Soon in the series. Hyung Sik took a break after the show. And then he came back and starred in a film called “Two Rays Of Light.” In the movie, he played a visually-impaired man who fell in love with a woman with a similar disability. The movie was received well both in Korea and in other countries. Then in 2018, he became one of the leads of the Korean remake of Suits. He played the role of a lawyer, naturally. His performances have earned him praise from both critics and fans. In the same year, Hyung Sik signed with UAA, the same agency that’s taking care of Song Hye Koy and Yoo Ah In. Indeed, Hyung Sik is among the most successful Strong Girl Bong Soon cast members.


Many fans felt bad about In Kook-Doo, the character played by Jisoo in Strong Girl Bong Soon. But you shouldn’t feel sorry about Jisoo in real life. After the hit show, the actor took on a tough role in the second season of “Bad Guys.” To prepare for the role, Jisoo cut his hair and developed his body. The actor also starred in shows such as “Ping Pong Ball” and the Netflix series “My First Love.”

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