Prices Of Exams And Training For CAPM And PMP Certificates?

Prices Of Exams And Training For CAPM And PMP Certificates? CAPM as well as Project Management Professional (also known as PMP) qualifications are known and the most sought certifications around the globe. They are both recognized as the symbol of a talented as well as a capable manager of projects. Because of this, many of the candidates have difficulty thinking about which qualification to focus on when they initially get in touch with us. Both the famous qualifications are superb choices and we support that neither is a better certification. However, it is true that one may match with where you are in your life more than the other one in this present situation.

What Are The Prices Of The Exams And Training Courses For CAPM And PMP Certificates?

Prices Of Exams And Training For CAPM And PMP Certificates?

What Actually Is The Certification Of Pmp?

The Project Management Professional (also known as PMP) is famous all around the globe as a sign for experienced as well as recognized project managers. As you must have a certain amount of experience to go for the PMP exam, executives, as well as the clients, instantly recognize the potentiality of PMP certificate holders.

What Actually Is The Certification Of The CAPM Project Management?

CAPM, which is an abbreviation for projects in a regulated surrounding, is supported by many governments as well as multinational organizations for project objectives. It is basically a clear approach to project management that aims at explained team jobs, a firm structure as well as the option for monitoring.

7 Basic Deciding Factors For CAPM And PMP Certificates.

1. Governing Bodies.

AXELOS aims to always stand strong in the defining sphere of best methods in project management. The PMP Bootcamp in Seattle WA is a Project Management Institute, (also known as PMI) certificate. The PMI is defined as a non-profit organization, that was founded in the late 1960s. They move towards advancing project management prospects as well as institutional benefits through project management. CAPM has been efficient enough to mark its presence in many regions as well as spheres.

2. Most Sought Certifications.

Both qualifications are identified on a global list, but you may see small preferences or advanced levels of famous aspects in some areas. For instance, CAPM has a small benefit in the UK, while the PMP is more famous in the region of the US as well as Canada. But both the CAPM as well as the PMP are identified and sought in places like Ireland.

3. Methods.

While both the CAPM and PMP have a promising approach to handling projects, they actually work in a different way.


– Formulated according to the 7 guidelines, backgrounds as well as methods.

– May be joined with other methods.


– Aims at the 10 different realms of knowledge and 49 varieties.

– May be combined with other ways, with special attention given to the Agile ways as laid out in the present edition of the PMBOK guide.

4. Way To Certification.

The path to achieving certifications varies for these qualifications.

  • CAPM requires a time period of 5 days and 5 – 6 hours of reading.
  • PMP needs a time period of around 4 days and 6 – 8 weeks of rigorous study.

5. The Exam Itself.

CAPM exam basics: To get the CAPM Foundation(or CAPM F) and Practitioner(or CAPM P) certifications, you need to successfully pass 2 exams.

PMP exam basics: The PMP exam is of 4 hours duration, contains 200 MCQs out of which you need to get 106 attempts correct and you must have applied as well as taken the training course.

6. Handling.

  • CAPM is prepared analytically for a 3-year cycle.
  • PMP is also the same as it has a cycle period of 3 years.

7. Eligibility Criterion.

  • The CAPM has absolutely no needs or requirements of eligibility.
  • The PMP requires a minimum of 3 years of work experience.

All these 7 basic guidelines need to be well planned as well as analyzed before opting for any one of the two most famous certifications. You need to properly prepare your own set of guides, put those points into work with efficient hard work, and finally implement all the skills as well as ideas you possess to successfully earn any of the above-discussed certifications However, one can opt for both too if he/she is way too talented.


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