The Best And Easy Cocktail Mixes To Spice Up Your Mood

The Best And Easy Cocktail Mixes To Spice Up Your Mood

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about The Best And Easy Cocktail Mixes To Spice Up Your Mood. Bar hopping and nights out are now out of the question, but that does not mean that you cannot bring a bit of alcohol-induced fun at home. With no guests to host and plenty of time for yourself, it is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner bartender and experiment on new cocktail mixes that may become your new staple.

The Best And Easy Cocktail Mixes To Spice Up Your Mood

Everyone (of legal age) loves a dose of hard-hitting spirits from a high-end whiskey distillery, concocted with the refreshing aftertaste of something sweet or sour, so here are some super-easy cocktail mixes that you will undoubtedly enjoy. These beginner-friendly recipes are highly customizable to tickle your tastebuds at just the right places — all in moderation, of course. Here is some of The Best And Easy Cocktail Mixes To Spice Up Your Mood.

A Gingery Kick With The Classic Moscow Mule

Everyone loves vodka — well, most do. But if vodka is not your thing, then convince yourself otherwise after tasting the refreshing, slightly fizzy Moscow Mule. This simple drink requires no more than three ingredients: original vodka, lime, and ginger beer. Make this drink by squeezing ½ fluid ounces of lime into a copper mug, not straining the rind. Then add in an amount of ice of your choice, ½ fluid ounces of vodka, and then ½ cup of ginger beer. Top it off with a pretty lime garnish, and you can almost taste a holiday in the alps.

The key to this recipe is keeping the proportions one half of a fluid ounce to one half a cup, and adjust by taste until you get the perfect cold-weather flavor with a slight kick.

An Elegant And Zesty White Lady Cocktail

The foamy silhouette of a White Lady cocktail inside a martini cocktail glass is a sight to behold — and its taste does not lie. If you are looking for a new mix to concoct for date nights at home or to pair with a luxurious dinner, then give this recipe a try. You typically need the following ingredients: gin, lemon juice, lime juice, a syrup of your choice, an egg white, garnish, and optional angostura bitters.

This recipe is a little more advanced as you will need to shake the cocktail. While you can use regular gin, you can amplify the zesty flavor by substituting for an orange gin from your favorite whiskey distillery. Add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker without ice and shake for 15 seconds, and then add ice and shake for another 30 seconds. This process will create the perfect foam without distilling the flavor.

Top the drink off with a garnish of your choice: lime, cherries, anything under the sun. The flavor will take you back to important conversations at your go-to high-end bar, or a vacation in the heart of London.

Freeze The Heat With Mint Julep

When it comes to whiskey concoctions, you have options ranging from classic mixes to drinks served hot. But there is nothing like the refreshing aftertaste of Mint Julep, icy cold, and the perfect throwback to Bali. The ingredients are simple: your favorite variation of whiskey, though bourbon is preferred, mint leaves, and garnish.

This recipe tastes best on a Julep cup or a rocks glass. Lightly mix the syrup and mint, add 2 ounces of whiskey, then fill with ice. Stir the drink until the cup’s exterior is lightly frosted, then top with crushed ice and garnish of your choice. Mint sprigs and bitters offer a different kind of magic, but a citrus fruit will also leave you with a refreshing experience. Experiment with combinations until you find the best summer-getaway-at-home drink to quench your thirst and get a light alcohol kick.

Cocktails are fun because you can mix and shake and experiment until you get the perfect proportions for the ultimate casual drinking experience. But if you are not a mixed drinks person, then go all out and enjoy deliciously flavored spirits on their own! So friends we hope you will enjoy our article The Best And Easy Cocktail Mixes To Spice Up Your Mood.

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