The Advantages of Using Vessel Toilet Taps Over Mixer Taps

The Advantages of Using Vessel Toilet Taps Over Mixer Taps

What areĀ mixer taps? Mixer taps are probably the most popular style of the tap used in modern kitchens today. The basic concept is simple: instead of having only a cold and a hot tap, usually with separate faucets, mixer units have only one tap providing both hot and cold liquid, with either a single lever or several levers controlling the different volumes. One of the biggest advantages of a mixer tap is its convenience.

The Advantages of Using Vessel Toilet Taps Over Mixer Taps

Having a tap at the ready to mix ingredients or simply to supply water is a great time saver. There is no more running back and forth from the kitchen sink to the kitchen faucet to determine if the water level has been achieved or not. Likewise, you do not have to wait for the water to cool before using it next time as well. This translates to saving a lot of time, not to mention your effort. That is the reason why a lot of households now have a kitchen tapware collection.

Advantages Of Mixer Taps.

Some of these kitchen tap designs come with a single spout and two spouts. Some even come with three spouts. Others still may come with a combination of the single and the two spout taps. However, the basic design of these kitchen taps will always have a single spout that supplies cold water and a hot water faucet that delivers hot liquid.

Another advantage of using this kind of tap is its convenience when you have to transfer foods from one basin to another. You can easily do it by pushing the single taps at the base of the basin. Then, transfer the food from one basin to the other by turning the hot water tap on. The transition is quick and does not require much effort at all. Thus, you save time and effort as you only need to turn the hot water tap on and off.

One more advantage is that most of these single basin taps also have a built-in water pressure regulator. This ensures that you never have problems with low water pressure. The fixed water pressure spout is usually located above the sink or countertop so that you will be able to see it easily. Moreover, if you ever experience the need to use an ice bucket, you will find it very convenient to have a spout with an ice reservoir on top of it.

Disadvantages Of Separate Taps.

A major disadvantage of having separate taps is that they are difficult to clean. Spills of any kind on these cold water and hot water basins are very difficult to clean. To start with, it is very difficult to remove all the mineral deposits on the spouts. To make matters worse, when you try to wash away the mineral deposits, you may end up wearing out the plastic holding the spout in place. Thus, you may no longer be able to use the single spout to get both hot and cold water. This is a very inconvenient situation.

Another problem with these types of taps is that there are a lot of different types of tap designs available in the market today. Thus, you might not always know which specific tap design you want. You will also have a hard time finding matching accessories with your bathroom suite.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you get a set of sinks that come with a single spout tap. This way, you do not have to worry about cleaning the tap after you use it. You simply drain the water from the tap by turning the tap handle in the direction of the water drain. This eliminates the need to ever open the tap to drain the water. Also, since the tap has a built-in water reservoir, you never have to worry about it drying out or becoming brittle. It is waterproof and is very durable.

Final Words.

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