How Teachers Are Coping With Covid Teachers Coping Strategies

How Teachers Are Coping With Covid Teachers Coping Strategies

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about How Teachers Are Coping With Covid Teachers Coping Strategies. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a significant change in the field of education. It has changed the way the lectures are delivered to students. The online medium has become today’s reality. Not just it has affected students but has increased the load on teachers as well.

How Teachers Are Coping With Covid Teachers Coping Strategies

Students are forced to transit to online classes, and educators and teachers are working a lot to endure the momentum. Developing skills to work with innovative technologies, engaging students from home, and managing a home is quite challenging for them too.

Teachers Are Facing A Double Burden

Coronavirus has severely affected those sections of teachers who are not used to technology or have little knowledge of it. In addition to managing the curriculum, they have to understand how to use technology appropriately.

In addition to developing new skills, they also have to deal with the challenges related to students’ short attention spans. Irregular internet connection, low attendance, and power connectivity. They also have to deal with picky and demanding parents who complain about how teachers conduct online classes.

Furthermore, some students also taunt teachers who are new to technology and struggling to meet the academic requirements of students who cannot access the internet. Managing challenges at work front and home is not an easy road for teachers.

What difficulties are teachers facing when teaching through an online medium?

Educators are burning the midnight oil to make sure that they are imparting knowledge engagingly and effectively. Teachers are working extra hard to be creative for students. They learn and spend several hours to make an informative animated video for students. They expect children to value their efforts and maintain attention throughout the online session. They want students to be sincere and punctual in classes.

Dealing with the changing teaching method is not a problem for tech-savvy teachers. The ones who are not computer savvy have a very tough time to adapt to this new technology.

Teachers complain of students non-stop chatting in the chat window, scribbling on the screen, or parents murmuring something in their ears. All these things create a lot of disturbance in the class. Teachers urge students to maintain decorum in the class and be attentive, just like they are in the classroom setting.

Teachers also insist on maintaining alertness, hygiene, and neatness, such as cleaning teeth, taking a bath, and dressing up appropriately when they come to attend the online class. This way, their body, and mind are alert to participate in the session.

What Is Needed To Deal With Such A Situation/Teachers Coping Strategies?

Due to hardships and constant struggles, teachers are becoming more prone to stress and mental issues. Educators need to stay sound mentally and physically. When educators are healthy, only then they can create a healthy and positive learning environment for students.

To ensure the sound mental health of teachers, school management should come for support. They should provide specialized resources in support programs and workshops to help them cope with stress.

Support groups can open strong communication channels that can assist educators in sharing the best resources and practices. It will help them obtain essential insights about organizing and prioritizing themselves.


So, we have seen that it is not just the students who are facing a tough time in this pandemic, but also the teachers who have been seamlessly adapting and managing several things simultaneously at their end. So friends we hope that you enjoy our article How Teachers Are Coping With Covid Teachers Coping Strategies.

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