Custom Vs Modular Exhibition Stands: Picking The Right One

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Custom Vs Modular Exhibition Stands: Picking The Right One. An Exhibition provides you with an excellent platform for large-scale visibility of your business and promotes your service or product.

Custom Vs Modular Exhibition Stands: Picking The Right One

Moreover, your exhibition booth makes the first impression; so, selecting the right design is extremely important to let you stand apart from the neighbors.

Before getting into the exhibition lighting and other complicated aspects, let’s first understand the pros and cons of modular and custom exhibition stands to help you make the right call. 

Take a look. 

Custom Vs Modular Exhibition Stands: Picking The Right One

Modular Design

:- The Good

Flexibility And Ease Of Transportation

You can reconfigure modular design to complement the real-time changes during the exhibition, but the same cannot be done with a custom stand. You can change color schemes, add or remove graphics and make the best out of the show.

One of the best features of modular stands is portability. In a hassle-free way, you get the liberty to transport the entire stand.

Upgrade Options And Cost-effective 

One of the best aspects of the modular design is the flexibility to change a specific display section without impacting the overall setup. You can replace the entire display according to your requirement. 

You save money when you choose modular stands since you do not have to pay for the design. On top of that, you save money on storage, labor cost, and transport too.

Ease Of Use And Reusability

It is easy to attach and detach modular stand components. This allows you to move the stand from floor to floor easily. These stands can be reused on multiple shows, and you can tweak the design according to the event and location.

The Bad

Design Limitations 

You do not get to implement unique design concepts into modular stands. But with advancements in technology, you get to design custom modular stands that are as good-looking as custom stands.

Warehousing And Maintenance Challenges

Unless you have a warehouse to store the components, storage becomes a challenge. Modular stand components, when dismantled, require a thorough check and cleaning process. Even though components are made from high-quality, durable materials, it is recommended to perform a complete check.

Not Meant For Every Exhibition

You cannot use the same design in every event. This looks and feels redundant and won’t make a lasting impact on the attendees.

:-Custom Design

The Good

Unique Design 

Custom-designed exhibit stands are typically creative and distinctive. They instantly grab the attention of the visitors, which is essential to be noticed on an exhibition floor. With custom design, you can test new ideas and create something original and unique.

Impactful Marketing

A customized stand lets the audience uniquely identify you. Custom design is a true representation of who you are.


Custom stands are built with strong and durable materials like metal and wood and cater to a specific event theme. These factors give you an edge against your competitors.

The Bad


Custom exhibition stands have high design and labor costs associated with them. You pay for the design ideas, accessories, and maintenance.

Storage And Logistics

Custom stands cannot be dismantled and transported easily. You need to arrange dedicated vehicles and trained staff to transport them without damage.

Not Reusable

Custom stands are built around a specific theme. Hence, they cannot be used in every event. This constraint is one of the disadvantages that encourages exhibitioners to choose modular design stands.

Final Word

There are advantages and disadvantages of both modular and custom designs. If you want a more affordable, hassle-free solution, modular design is for you. However, if you want a head-turner, make the brand impact, and investment is not a concern, then the custom design is the right choice.

Which design type will be your pick? Tell us in the comments!

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