Top 5 Best Demat Account In India

When it comes to investment in the share market finding the Top 5 best Demat account In India is the most important aspect. The best Demat account will help to pay fewer brokerage charges, will get a high margin, and provide free investment tips.

If you want to buy or sell a share in the share market you will need a Demat account and trading account.

Demat account is used to store your shares in demilitarized form. The trading account is used to buy and sell shares from your account. so, both things are different from each other.

Lest see Top 5 Best Demat Account in India in which you can open your account.

Top 5 Best Demat Account In India

The Best Demat account means it should have the following key feature:

  • Low Brokerage charges
  • High Margin
  • Free Demat account
  • Free AMC Account or low AMC
  • Ease of Account Opening
  • Trust
  • Value they provide

So, there are some points that should be covered in every Demat account if they want to become the best trading account in the market.

5. 5Paisa.

Best Demat Account in India

5paisa is one of the best brokers in India who don’t charge any fee for account opening or for account maintains. Your account will be lifetime free.

The best thing which I liked about 5paisa is they provide lots of products for investment. They have mutual funds, insurance, securities, and many more things for investment.

One more thing which I will add is 5Paisa takes only 20 Rs per order irrespective of the volume of the order you take.

4. Upstox.

Best Demat Account in India

Looking for the best broker?

Upstox is best when it comes to the Demat account. they open your Demat account with free of cost. Also, they provide joining bounce for the first-time signup.

The margin which you will get in Upstox is really high as compared to any other broker in the market. The main investors of Upstox is Mr. Rattan Tata sir.

Upstox has the Highest Number of acquiring new customers in a month i.e. One Lakh in a month.

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3. Zerodha.

Best Demat Account in India

The most common name which you will hear when it comes to the best trading account in India. Zerodha is started in 2008. More than 15% of Indian traders use Zerodha for trading.

Zerodha is number 2nd when it comes to the top Demat account in India in terms of the number of customers. The main reason for popularity for Zerodha is Low brokerage charges which Zerodha takes.

2. ICICI Direct.

Best Demat Account in India

We already share the second-best trading account in India but do you know who Is Number one?

ICICI Direct is the Number one trading account in India. It has a strong backup of banks like ICICI Bank.

Currently, more than 33 Lakh of Indian traders use ICICI Direct for trading. ICICI Direct provides lots of educational stuff that make any beginner a good investor.

But the only problem ICICI Direct has a High brokerage charge. They take 25 Per order of brokerage which is highest in the list.

1. Angel Broking.

Best Demat Account in India

Angel broking is the oldest and safest broker in this list. They started their company in 1988. They have more than 33 years of expertise as a broker.

 When you open your account in Angel brokering you will get a free Demat account. They have String AL Based Stock suggestion software which shows best shares to buy right now based on the amount of investment and your risk-taking capacity.


I have shared all the best Demat accounts. now it’s your time to go and open your trading account in any of the platforms. All the traders in this list are best for investment.

If you ask me, I will choose 5Paisa, Zerodha, and Angel broking from the list. Upstox is also the best option when it comes to the high margin in the low brokerage rate.

I think you have liked the Best Demat account In India post. If you have any question or you are stuck at any stage then let me know in the comment section. I will try to solve your problem.

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