6 PPe Items List To Stock Up On

6 PPe Items List To Stock Up On

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the 6 PPe Items List To Stock Up On. With Covid 19 still going strong, even in countries where the response has been swift, PPEs are more important than ever. PPE or personal protective equipment are accessories that protect against contact with the virus. There are several types for you to keep in mind and stock up on when you can.

6 PPe Items List To Stock Up On

As much as possible, you want to expose as little of your body to contaminants as you can help. Protecting your mouth and nose is easy enough to understand, but your skin, eyes, and hands are also a concern. You need PPEs to act as a second layer over your clothes and extremities. Below are a few pointers on how you can make sure that you are as safe as you can possibly be and here is the PPe Items List To Stock Up On.

Wear Face Mask

As you might expect, the reliable face mask is included in this list because it’s your greatest asset for protection. Covid 19 is primarily a respiratory threat where it can be breathed in once expelled by others. This is why you want to wear a face mask when you are out in public or in crowded areas. The more people there are around, the more breath particles are floating around in the air.

On that note, quality will always be a major concern when it comes to face masks. Regardless of where you are, if the face mask is going to let the virus in, wearing them would be pointless. Take the case of countries like the UK, for example, which has recently gone into lockdown again due to rising cases. To truly protect yourself, it’s best to get your masks from these 5 best face mask manufacturers in UK.

Consider a Face Shield

Next to the face mask is the face shield, which is a necessity that a lot of people are resisting. If there are those who are protesting the use of face masks, face shields are even more of an irritant. This is a problem because this piece of PPE is a major asset in protecting you from Covid 19. In fact, face shields can protect you even better than face masks can, in some areas.

Face masks keep you safe from breathing in or swallowing air particles that can contain Covid 19. The problem is that it is limited to the mouth and nose, and will not protect your eyes. Compare that with a face shield, which covers your whole face, including the skin. When paired with the face mask, you cover all your bases and won’t have to worry about leaving an opening.

Medical Gowns

Although you will not be using it as often as face masks and face shields, medical gowns are still important. They are perfect for making sure that when you go out, there will be no risky skin contact. Covid 19 can still infect you if it gets on your exposed skin and could still be breathed in. To protect yourself from that, it would be better if there was an extra layer separating you from surfaces.

This can include walls, counters, clothes, and whatever else that you may encounter when you are out in public. Skin contact with other people can be an even bigger source of worry, which would be better off avoided. The best part is that you can shed the medical gown before going inside your home. You can put it in a bag that you can seal and bring it in for cleaning or throw it away.


The same as with the medical gown, you will be wearing hairnets less than you would wear face masks. Depending on the situation, though, it would be a good idea to play it safe and have it. Hairnets are meant to keep your hair strands from falling into things like food or chemical concoctions. If your work involves either of those, then you will need a hair net to protect others.

This is relevant in the era of Covid 19 because you could be carrying the virus on your hair. If you leave it uncovered, you could become a carrier without even knowing it. This is a safety precaution that servers, cooks, and health workers need to be conscious of these days. This is even more important when you are dealing with elderly people or small children.

Safety Footwear

Footbath mats have become a common sight in both private and public places these days to clean footwear. This is because Covid 19 can stick to the bottom of shoes and spread without notice. While this is a practical solution for establishments, it can be a problem on a more personal basis. A good answer to the dilemma is safety footwear, which are extra layers of plastic that are wrapped around shoes.

If you have ever watched procedural dramas on TV, you might have already seen this PPE. It is typically blue or light green in color and looks like plastic bags that are tied around feet. In crime scenes, they are intended to prevent shoe prints from contaminating the spot. In the case of Covid 19, they are meant to be disposable layers that can be thrown in the trash.


So friends i hope that you will enjoy our article PPe Items List To Stock Up On. The current global crisis has forced a paradigm shift in how people live their lives every day. What used to be considered a sign of too much caution before has become a necessity. PPEs are now a fact of life but most people only know of face masks and face shields. These are not enough to guarantee absolute protection from infection. This is why it is necessary to stock up on the other pieces of protective items at home.


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