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  • Three Benefits of Drone Aerial Photography In Real Estate Business

    Three Benefits of Drone Aerial Photography In Real Estate Business

    The drone aerial photography is on the rise as more and more people are becoming interested in drone technology. Photographers are coming up with innovative use and applications of this technology to capture the areas that were not possible earlier. This small aircraft can fly into such areas where photographers can’t reach and take continuous shots to help people describe the place. This is extremely useful for real estate business because they need professional-standard photography to attract potential buyers. People are always attracted to visually appealing objects other than anything.

    Three Benefits of Drone Aerial Photography In Real Estate Business

    A photographer has the ability to make a dull place look beautiful with his skill. However, earlier it wasn’t possible to click shots of some of the areas of any building. But this drone technology can offer photographs of any place. It can click pictures of any place or corners that are impossible for a photographer to take. The operator has full control to move the drone wherever he wants to get a perfect shot. There are several other advantages of using drone technology. Let’s take a look at the following,

    Show Off Your Properties

    There are various uses of drone technologies. If the property is located at places that offer higher scenic value, then one can use this technology to show off the property. People are more interested in checking the local areas prior to buying a property. However, earlier it wasn’t possible to take a clear picture of a large landscape with a camera. But, people can easily use drones to click pictures of the surroundings, proximity to neighborhood, amenities, etc. People can easily have a detailed view of the property prior to buying it and it leaves a great impact on the real estate business. People can easily sell their properties located in a beautiful place without much hassle and also fetch a good price by showcasing the beauty of the surroundings.


    Generally, the photographer’s team is always as big as it involves a lot of equipment, people, and assistance to make it successful. But, while undertaking drone aerial photography, people barely need any assistance. Only a pilot and camera operator will be enough to get started with the season. This means there is no need to wait for the entire team to arrive on the set to get it rolling. Sometimes people fear the weather while shooting with drones. But there is nothing to worry about as the pilot can easily land the drone. So, drone technology naturally saves a lot of time and effort at the same time. There are features like time-lapse cameras, 360 rotation cameras to capture the full video of the place as well.

    Generate 3D Maps

    There is a wide range of applications of this drone photography in Toronto. Not only people can use it for high-quality pictures but also they can create 3D maps for their clients. One can get 4K resolutions, full HD view with a drone by using better cameras. However, the making of maps is something that undoubtedly is mind-boggling. Generally, buyers always want to have a physical map of the resilience so that they understand the property well. Well, the 3d maps will do better than these physical maps. Innumerable photos can be used to create the perfect 3D map of the site.

    Tips To Remember Prior To Conducting Drone Photography:

    There is literally no other way to click the perfect pictures of the places where no other photographers can reach. So, drone photography is undoubtedly beneficial for real estate business owners. However, there are a few tips to remember prior to hiring a photographer.

    FAA Certified

    It’s important for the drone operator to be FAA certified. Otherwise, the owner will be liable for any accidents that occur during the photography session. So, make sure to ask the operator to show their FAA issued pilot ID card prior to signing a deal with them.

    Hire A Spotter

    Sometimes the photography companies themselves bring a spotter with them to avoid collisions or any other accidents. The spotter helps to provide direction to the drone operator so that the photography session happens smoothly.

    Check The Airspace

    Typically, areas close to airports that are heavily populated don’t have permission to conduct drone photography. So, people should always consult with the photographers and the local authorities to know whether the place has permission for drone photography or not. The photographers hold the best knowledge about this since they are operating for a long time.

    Ask For Demo

    Well, a novice can’t trust anybody with a drone operator, right? A photographer needs to have proper experience in the relevant field to capture the best shots during the session. So, ask for demo photographs captured by a drone prior to signing a contract with a company. So friends we hope that you will enjoy our article Three Benefits of Drone Aerial Photography In Real Estate.