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  • Surrogate Motherhood With Its Own Oocytes (Procedure & Cost)

    Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about Surrogate Motherhood With Its Own Oocytes (Procedure & Cost). An oocyte or a germ cell, or immature ovum, or egg cell in a female body produced on her ovary during gametogenesis results in formation from fetal period to ovulation to contribute to her maternity.

    Surrogate Motherhood With Its Own Oocytes (Procedure & Cost)

    Surrogate motherhood with its own oocytes 自卵代孕 can effectively help the success of surrogacy, saving cost if any of the gestational carriers or the intended mother possesses healthy reproductive health. See below to know about the procedure and cost of surrogacy with a personal immature ovum.

    Surrogate Motherhood With Its Own Oocytes (Procedure & Cost)

    Synchronized Monitoring Of Intended Mother And Gestational Carrier

    When you go to a surrogacy clinic to start your surrogacy journey with your own egg cells, the fertility doctors will keep not only you but also the gestational carrier under observation.

    The specialists in the IVF section will observe and check the progress and quality of your immature ovum over the period of your ovarian stimulation. At the same time, the gestational carrier will make her uterine lining ready for an embryo transfer into it.

    Existing Procedures For Surrogacy Mother

    After several steps, your gestational carrier will receive the embryo into the lining of her uterus and all sorts of care including IVF, medical, health, psychological, emotional, legal, and financial until she gives birth to a healthy baby.

    The first heartbeat of your baby, ultrasound, or blood test reports during the pregnancy from time to time, medical and emotional state of the gestational carrier, and the delivery create milestones for the surrogacy journey.

    Cost Fixed By FESCOV For Surrogacy With Personal Eggs

    FESCOV, a reputed human reproduction group, is offering a VIP guarantee for the intended mothers and the gestational carriers with their own eggs cells for €59,000 only.

    In this one out of many packages, they have included a limitless quantity of attempts for in vitro fertilization as well as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis with a guarantee of healthy childbirth for the programs using their own eggs.

    The surrogacy journeys, except the necessity of an egg donor, enjoy more reasonable costs in Ukraine than the other countries while considering international surrogacy.

    For Whom The Program Is Cost-Effective

    Some women produce good-quality or high-quality eggs. Unfortunately, many of them have been suffering from other infertility problems and have failed to conceive so far, and then decided to start a surrogacy journey as a way of solution to their problems. These women can easily intend for the surrogacy programs and IVF services by using their germ cells that will save their money in hiring egg donors.

    People find surrogacy costly in the US and UK, and difficult in the countries like Italy and Germany, but they find it cheap, high-quality, and easy in Ukraine. Many reputed clinics here helped people coming from around the world to become mothers with their personal eggs.

    They also offer legal support throughout the process to the exit process to their country. If you think that the procedure and cost of surrogate motherhood with your personal oocytes are suitable in Ukraine, you can consider coming to one of the surrogacy clinics here.