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  • Top 5 Factors To Consider When Designing Office Space

    Top 5 Factors To Consider When Designing Office Space

    Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Top 5 Factors To Consider When Designing Office Space. Don’t know how to design your new office? Do you know the way you design your office reflects your values and culture? Smart business owners understand the need to have a fancy and modern looking office and they want to have an office environment that reflects and reinforces their business core values. Some office layouts reflect openness, transparency, and collaboration that indeed has become quite a fashion in today’s fast-paced environment. However, when it comes to looking for an office space people still prefer quiet places where they can concentrate well. So, how to design the perfect office?

    Top 5 Factors To Consider When Designing Office Space

    The layout and design in the organization is a big investment that can be done by any business person. It has to be done with proper planning because it can impact a large number of people. Not only this, it will impact productivity, employee satisfaction, talent recruitment, and many other things in the office.

    With the right approach and different thinking will lead you to design a functional space that people will like immediately. With the different ways to design and plan space, as a leader, you should strategically approach the designing process. Imitating a random design sometimes will not solve the purpose and lead to disappointment.

    Whether you want to design a new office or rework in the current office, how you organize the space can affect not just the aesthetic appeal but also affect the functioning of the office. You must ensure that you have utilized the space efficiently and it should positively affect employees.

    An improperly designed office can leads to higher stress levels, disagreements, health issues, and anxiety to employees. So, make an effort to properly plan the office and promote productivity. Here are some things which you can either suggest to your interior designer or your interior designer must include When Designing Office Space-

    How To Optimize Office Space?

    1. Furniture – The first thing that should cross your mind is to judiciously use the furniture. Replace your old and poor furniture that can cause embarrassment when clients visit the office. Find chairs and desks for employees that are comfortable to use and do not cause back pain and other health issues. You can replace chairs with added features and manual adjustments. Remember that it could be your one-time investment that can save your health care cost in the long run. So, include nice-looking furniture in the office.


    1. Technological Requirement- Ask your interior designer to place the furniture and desk close to phone jacks, printers, projectors, and computer screens. Speak to The IT department and instruct them to make the necessary changes according to the design approved by the designer.


    1. Place for Recreation- You will need a space exclusive for meetings and breaks in your office. Make sure you design an office space that relaxes the employees and help them rewind when they are in between deadlines. Today offices promote work and fun culture in their work environment and culture. So, it becomes important for you to have an exclusive place in the office for fun activities. These spaces not only help employees relax but think better and take note of your efforts.


    1. Lighting – The amount of light in the office impacts productivity, health, mood and well-being of employees. According to research, an increasing number of employees take note of the lighting around their work desks and complaint about it when it is not proper. So, when remodeling or designing a new office take note of the light including natural light, and see how it will impact an employee.


    1. Employee contribution – Good and friendly business owners interact with their employees and ask their suggestions even when they are planning to buy or renovate the office. Employees today like to work in an environment that helps them to grow personally and professionally. So, asking their opinion on the matters of office designing, layout, and placing furniture can boost their morale and help them choose how they intend to work in the space given to them. So, when you are looking to hire interior designers or design an office, you can ask employees to give suggestions.


    Final Words.

    If you have a business that you operate from a location that has a robust construction and designing industry then you should consider the best possible option to design the office space and a design office where everybody likes to work. Fortunately, Dubai in recent years has handled some amazing projects and design spaces according to the needs of the business owners who have leveraged the growth in the Middle East Region.

    Find a Dubai Interior Design Company that is reliable and understands your perspective when designing office space. So, find an interior designer who can work with you and design office that people will talk about for many years to come.