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  • 6 Reasons Why Your Loved One Shouldn’t Detox at Home

    Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the 6 Reasons Why Your Loved One Shouldn’t Detox at Home. After someone decides to confront their addiction and end the cycle, it’ll take dedication and effort to make the switch to a better, sober lifestyle. The first step on the road to sobriety is detoxification. 

    That process involves the body being relieved of the toxins from excessive alcohol and drug use. Some people think of undergoing this process alone in their home, but that can have deadly consequences, and here’s why. 

    6 Reasons Why Your Loved One Shouldn’t Detox at Home

    6 Reasons Why Your Loved One Shouldn't Detox at Home

    Medical Detox Yields Far More Benefits

    Overall, there are far more benefits from detoxing in a facility than staying at home. If at any point you need immediate medical care and you aren’t at home, you run the risk of fatal consequences from severe withdrawal symptoms. If you live in or around Florida, consider the additional benefits of detoxing in a top-rated facility like Clean Recovery Centers and their clean treatment center in North Tampa:

    • Supervision: You receive constant medical monitoring from experts and professionals, which is especially crucial for those confronting long-term dependency battles. 
    • Customized treatment: Everyone’s detox experience is different. Some people need medication to handle specific withdrawal problems, and some don’t. A treatment program can customize your detox plan to give you the best chance at success. 
    • Better chance at recovery: If you complete your detox in a safe and supportive environment, it sets the stage for the road to sustained sobriety.

    Higher Chance For Relapse

    When you undergo detox, the withdrawal symptoms can be very severe. Without the proper knowledge of how to handle those symptoms, with or without medication, you may give in to cravings to get relief. These temptations waiting around every corner of your home automatically make you more susceptible to relapse without the necessary support and expertise surrounding you at all times. 

    Detox Alone Isn’t Enough

    Detox is a step toward sobriety, but being able to exhibit self-control in an instant won’t cure you of your addiction. Once you have successfully detoxed, you must attend a certified treatment program. 

    If you go at it by yourself, you may falsely assume that you’ve cured yourself of your addiction and that you don’t need help because you can do it alone. 

    No Support From Peers

    Professional detox services offer medical care and come with support from peers. In a majority of cases, your risk of relapsing spikes if you lack dependable individuals in your primary support system. Being surrounded by others facing the same situation can motivate you to push forward. Should you find yourself at your home base, surrounded by the same negative influences, a relapse could be one misstep away. 

    No Family Education

    Family education is an essential element to successful recovery. Those in your support network should be educated on addiction, the best ways to keep the environment conducive to recovery, and they should be participating in your detox and beyond. Professional treatment programs offer family therapy as well. 

    Your Environment Might Not Be Safe

    The environment you’re recovering in shouldn’t present any necessary distractions or temptations. Any toxic circumstances can hinder your ability to detox successfully and stay sober.

    Before You Go

    Detoxing alone won’t address the social, psychological, and behavioral obstacles that accompany addiction. Individuals struggling with addiction should seek immediate treatment at a trustworthy recovery center to receive education and strategies on the best methods to get sober and stay sober.