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  • Top Tips For Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Policy

    Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Top Tips For Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Policy. The cost of owning a motorcycle has really increased, making bikers feel the pinch. This cost includes the initial cost of purchasing and the monthly motorcycle expenses they have to include in their budget. The aim is to keep the expenses as low as possible; however, accidents do occur, adding more expenses. These unexpected events result in significant damages and the costs involved can burn a hole in your pocket.

    Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Policy

    It’s wise to invest in full coverage motorcycle insurance as it’ll always cover most of your accident expenses. Having at least a Third Party Only Cover is a mandatory requirement under Singapore law. But if you’re using your bike for business or you have a great thirst for adventure, this bare minimum requirement isn’t enough.

    This article will guide you on the basics and tips of choosing full coverage motorcycle insurance.

    Top Tips For Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Policy

    Three Common Types of Motorcycle Insurance Covers in Singapore

    Third-Party Only (TPO)

    This insurance protects the motorcycle owner from liabilities against third-party claims only. Here, you have to cater for any motorcycle repairs and your medical expenses if an accident occurs.

    Third-Party, Fire And Theft (TPFT)

    On top of Third Party Only coverage, this insurance offers protection, if your motorcycle gets stolen or is damaged by fire.


    Comprehensive insurance offers a wider coverage compared to all other insurance covers and it’s consequently more expensive. It offers TPFT coverage, protects in a car crash, natural disaster damage and vandalism.

    Let’s have a look at full coverage motorcycle insurance

    Full coverage insurance cover comprises comprehensive collision insurance and other state-mandated coverages. This caters for repair or replacement in case your motorcycle is damaged or stolen.

    Full coverage insurance is the way to go since you’ll not need to spend your coins if any unexpected event occurs.

    What’s Included In A Full-coverage Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

    • State-mandate coverage for riders

    This includes any liability against third-party claims.

    • Collision and comprehensive

    Collision insurance covers damages resulting from accidents with vehicles and other objects, including hit-and-run accidents. Comprehensive coverage covers theft and natural disaster damages such as floods, fires, falling objects and hails.

    • Bodily injury and property liability

    This covers damages that you may cause to other motorists and their properties in the event of an accident. Damages covered include motor repairs and medical expenses.

    • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

    This covers bodily and property damages you may experience if the accident is caused by a motorist who isn’t insured or has insufficient liability insurance.

    This is first-party insurance that pays for your medical expenses and other losses regardless of whose fault it was. With no-fault coverage, your medical bills get paid quicker than in liability insurance, where the insurer only pays out once the fault party is determined.

    Top Tips When Getting Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance Policy

    • Join a motorcycle club

    Motorcycle clubs have both seasoned and novice bikers. Experienced bikers are always willing to help out, especially on insurance issues such as finding the best full coverage motorcycle insurance company.

    Such clubs also make arrangements to have insurers offer discounts to members.

    • Don’t assume it’ll be like car insurance

    Motorcycle insurance rates aren’t similar to those of cars and they vary depending on the company from which you buy your policy. Motorcycles carry a higher body injury risk compared to cars.

    The rating, body injury risk factor, previous driving records, your age, and your motorcycle type are among the factors considered when calculating your premiums.

    • Work with a motorcycle insurance specialist

    Insuring motorcycles is not similar to insuring cars and the rules are very different. It’s thus essential to go for an agent who understands insuring motorcycles and their riders.

    Experienced agents understand the ins and outs of motorcycle coverage. They’ll help you avoid potential pitfalls when buying the coverage you need and when using it in future when need be.

    • Any extras you add may not be covered

    Ensure to discuss any extras you may wish to add on your motorcycle when discussing the insurance policy with your insurer. This ensures that the extras are added to the cover and catered for in case of damage in an accident.

    • Ask about discounts

    It’s nearly impossible for your insurer to call and tell you about existing discounts. Call from time to time and inquire about discounts available such as age-related discounts.


    Full coverage motorcycle insurance is a great necessity for you since it ensures you’re at peace in case of an accident. Full coverage insurance comprises personal injury protection, comprehensive & collision insurance, bodily injury & property liability and uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage. Use the above tips when getting a full coverage motorcycle insurance so that you’ll always be prepared for anything.

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