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  • Knowing If You Need A Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist

    Knowing If You Need A Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist

    Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about Knowing If You Need A Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist. There are so many stigmas around mental illnesses, but just like physical disorders, mental ones are very real. People are very aware in today’s world about the existence of mental diseases but still treat it like something trivial.

    Knowing If You Need A Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist

    The truth is, mental ailments tend to take away a lot of energy, hope, and motivation from a person. Knowing so little about the brain, humanity as a collective is unable to perfectly refine and create treatments without resistance and stereotypes keeping people from fearing therapy.

    Therapy, however, is only a tool to help deduce where your suffering stems from and how you can mend and live peacefully with your ailments. There is still the question of what the difference between therapy and psychiatry is, between clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.

    What Does A Clinical Psychologist’s Job Entail?

    Clinical Psychology is a professional practice that is integrated with science, psychological theories, and working models based on clinical information. In particular, clinical psychology allows a professional to understand, diagnose, and try to treat any mental disorder a person might be facing.

    A clinical psychologist is a healthcare professional trained in psychological assessments, evaluation, and diagnosis of a person’s emotions, behavior, and mental conditions. A psychologist cannot prescribe medication unless they specifically have a degree in psychopharmacology too.

    Treatment techniques usually involve therapy techniques such as psychoanalytic or cognitive behavioral therapy.

    Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist

    Knowing If You Need A Psychiatrist Vs Psychologist

    Both professions entail providing psychotherapeutic methods to counsel and guide people suffering through trauma or mental illness. Yet, there are some key differentiating aspects.

    Clinical Psychologists are similar to therapists or counselors. These individuals are trained in assessing, diagnosing, and trying to treat those suffering from mental problems. Unlike counselors, they can also recommend diagnostic tests or provide cognitive therapy to treat their patients, but most use talk therapy.

    Psychologists have doctoral degrees like a Ph. D, M.Phil. , or Psy.D. It is within their capacity to conduct research or train for a license to start their practice. They gain knowledge through years of experience, research, and training under other established psychologists.

    Psychiatrists, on the other hand, are medical doctors who can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications and scans to patients suffering from cognitive disorders.

    The main difference is that psychiatrists have completed their medical course and chose psychiatry as their specialty. They can prescribe medicines, provide scans and diagnostic tests, and offer services like psychotherapy as well.

    Whom Should I Consult?

    While the answer to this question depends solely on the patient suffering, a psychologist is trained only to look at behavioral and cognitive aspects while psychiatry will consider biological factors behind this imbalance of health.

    If you are someone who has recently discovered symptoms or cannot deduce if you’re ill or simply need guidance, seeing a clinical psychologist would be the lesser intrusive option. However, if you have already tried therapy and nothing seems to work, you might need therapy combined with medication and other treatments.

    You can visit both at the same time for maximum results and information about your mental health. If you are too skeptical about the entire process, you can always sit down for a couple of sessions with a psychologist and see where it takes you.

    Final Words.

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