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  • Best Places For Cakes In Delhi NCR

    Best Places For Cakes In Delhi NCR

    Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about the Best Places For Cakes In Delhi NCR. Being the capital of our beautiful country India, we are pretty sure Delhi is home to some of the reputed bakeries, among many other such things. Time and again, life gives us many reasons to celebrate.

    Best Places For Cakes In Delhi NCR

    From someone dear’s birthday to the arrival of a little angel, every such special occasion needs to be celebrated over with some appealing yet appetizing cakes. If you are a die-hard cake lover and you are currently looking to explore some of the finest, then here’s a list of some cakeries that you might like to give a try.

    Each of these places is considered to be absolute heaven for every dessert/ cake lover. A beautiful myriad of cakes and other confections are made available over each of these places from cartoon cakes, photo cakes, jar cakes to some of the sweet local delicacies. When in Delhi, the next time, make sure to give these places a try! Here are a few places for the Best Cakes In Delhi NCR.


    One of the trusted online bakeries of Delhi NCR, Bakingo has been into this business of baking cakes in Delhi for about 5 years now. Mastering the art of baking eggless cakes and other delicious desserts, Bakingo has everyone’s heart in Delhi NCR.

    It has got a trending yet unique collection of cakes and desserts which are great options for personalized gifts ranging from personalized cupcakes, jar cakes, designer cakes, vegan cakes to birthday and anniversary cakes of different appeal.

    Each of their cakes and desserts has been placed at a price so that it fits everyone’s budget and doubles up the joy of celebrations. Other than that, it offers free doorstep delivery across Delhi NCR to get your baked token of love delivered, well on time for the celebration.

    Big Chill Cakery.

    Situated in Khan Market, this eminent offline bakery is known for its heavenly delicious cakes and desserts. Whatever that you are craving, this place has got it all for you. People have already said to have fallen in love with its banoffee pie and blueberry cheesecake, among its other “oh so yum” sweet treats.

    The quality and the freshness of the baked items are what have made most everyone a big fan of this place. So, we would suggest you give a try to this bakery’s cakes/desserts, once in your lifetime at least.


    This place has nothing got to do with operas, but with lots of authentic French cakes and bakes. Founded in the year 2008, Laurent Samandari (the founder) has started to gain his interest in baking French bread and pastries in India, which eventually led to the creation of this trusted bakery.

    This bakery is known for its French croissants, quiches, and other kinds of loaves of bread, other than its delectable pastry/ cake range. It is known for its high-end culinary offerings that it has got to offer.


    Located in the heart of the city, Wengers has been an oldie (but still remains to be a goldie) into this cake business. Its top-notch puddings and aromatic cakes are what tend to attract the normal folks of Delhi NCR.

    Tiramisu cakes and other sweet treats are quite popular among other bakeries. If you are looking for some waffles, then make sure to give their blueberry and hazelnut waffles, a try when in this city, for sure.


    Visit this bakery and start drooling over its amazing cheesecake range! It’s a perfect paradise for every cheesecake lover. Their fruitcakes are also their specialty. Make sure to try their delivery services to enjoy sweet treats, at your ease and convenience when in the city of the Mughals.

    So, what’s’ your pick gonna be?

    Final Words.

    so friends we hope that you will enjoy our article Best Places For Cakes In Delhi NCR. Please give us your feedback in the comments.